Sam Vartholomeos Star Trek Ensign Connor: Shirtless and Girlfriend Photos

Sam Vartholomeos Star Trek Ensign Connor: Shirtless and Girlfriend Photos. So, did you watch Star Trek Discovery on CBS All Access or Netflix? Your Famewatchers — Deena, Kevin, and yours truly — did a group watch last night hoping to see Anthony Rapp and Wilson Cruz make out. Hehe. Well, Wilson did not make an appearance but we did discover the gorgeousness of a showbiz newbie called Sam Vartholomeos who plays Ensign Connor on the show. Check him out:

Sam Vartholomeos star trek - ensign connor

We gotta say that the kid is not only a looker but that he can act too. You wouldn’t suspect he’s a newbie because his acting is effortless and natural. The guy has talent. He kinda reminds us of the late Anton Yelchin who also grabbed our attention because of his pretty boy good looks but made us sit and say, “Wow. He is a damn good actor!”

Anyhoo, just who is Sam Vartholomeos? In an interview with, he tells us more about himself:

You’ll be a new face for a lot of folks watching Discovery. What’s your background?
Discovery is kind of the big breakout for Sam Vartholomeos, a kid whose last name no one can pronounce yet. I was born and raised in Queens, New York. I come from a blue-collar family, and no one in my family was an artist. I’m the youngest of three. My sister’s a math teacher and my brother is a cop and a lawyer. Go figure, the youngest wants to be an actor.

And here’s what he says about the role he plays, Ensign Connor:

Well, Ensign Danby Connor is the U.S.S. Shenzhou’s ops officer right up front, and he is Star Trek and Starfleet through and through. That is one thing I can say and one thing I really like about him. Nothing really conflicts with him. He is all about the Prime Directive, and there’s a Captain and there’s a Lieutenant Commander — and everyone follows a code. When that code, and when the Prime Directive, all get crossed, his wires get crossed. He kind of uses Captain Georgiou, played by Michelle Yeoh, as his North Star, and he really wants to learn from her. That is one thing I really wanted to make clear about Connor, is that he wants to learn and move up.

Sam Vartholomeos Girlfriend? Apparently, our Star Trek beau in a relationship. Here are photos of Sam and his girlfriend which we grabbed from his Instagram accounts. If you want more of Sam, you can follow him @samvartholomeos.

Sam Vartholomeos girlfriend Toni Takos

Sam and his girl doing what boyfriends and girlfriends do. Hehe.

Sam Vartholomeos girlfriend

Of course we saved the best for last, a shirtless Sam Vartholomeos photo we grabbed from his Instagram page.

Sam Vartholomeos shirtless

Sam Vartholomeos hot

Sam Vartholomeos Star Trek’s Ensign Connor: Shirtless and Girlfriend Photos. Posted 26 September 2017.