Sam Rockwell Shirtless, Underwear, Gay Kiss Photo, and Girlfriend

Sam Rockwell Shirtless Photos and Other Stuff. Okay, Famewatchers, this post is for those of you looking for Sam Rockwell shirtless pics, those who want to know whether he wears boxers or briefs, and those who are wondering whether he is gay or straight. Let’s start with his shirtless pics, shall we?

Check him out as a shirtless cover boy in a magazine called The Vulture Pages. We are not sure whether this is the print version of, whether it still exists or whether, like Newsweek and other mags, it went the way of the dodo.

sam rockwell shirtless

Now that’s the kind of geek we’d share a bed with. Here’s another Sam Rockwell shirtless pic.

sam rockwell shirtless3

Who wouldn’t want to have breakfast in bed with Sam Rockwell. Now, let’s check out the kind of underwear he likes to wear, shall we? Is he a tighty whitie briefs man like Benjamin Walker in American Psycho or is he more of a boxers kind of dude like our hubby? Check it out after the jump.

Hmmm. Sam apparently prefers tighty whitie briefs. Here’s our Sam in his white briefs undies in this scene from his 1998 movie Safe Men.

sam rockwell underwear - safe men2

But Sam ain’t just a briefs-wearing actor. Because in this screencap from his critically acclaimed movie, Moon, we can see him wearing what appears to be a pair of white long johns thermal underwear.

sam rockwell underwear - thermal long johns - moon

So the debate on whether Sam wears boxers or briefs remains unsettled, no? Now, let’s try to answer your other question — whether he is gay or straight?

He is gay in this scene from Lawn Dogs when he goes kissy kissy with Eric Mabius (of Ugly Betty).

sam rockwell gay kiss - ugly betty

In real life, Sam Rockwell is straight and is dating actress Leslie Bibb. Apparently, the two have been dating since 2007 so their 10-year anniversary is coming up soon. Will they eventually tie the knot? As fans of celebrity weddings, we here at Famewatcher hope they do. Hehe.

sam rockwell hot in uniform

Let’s end this post with Sam looking slick in his astronaut uniform.

Sam Rockwell Shirtless, Underwear, Gay Kiss Photo, and Girlfriend posted 23 April 2016. Updated 23 April 2017.