Sam Milby Celebrity Rating: B-List On The Verge of A-List

Sam Milby B-List Celebrity. If Kris Aquino is an A-List celebrity and Ruffa Gutierrez is a C-Lister, what is Sam Milby’s FameMeter rating? We think that he falls between Kris and Ruffa, so that means he is a B-List celebrity. Pero hindi ba dapat nasa A-List siya kalevel ni Kris? Hmmm, very popular si Sam talaga pero we have to admit that he is not as popular nor as accomplished as Kris Aquino. Because he is still young, maybe he will eventually make the A-List someday pero ngayon sa B-List natin siya ilalagay.

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Tulad ng ginawa natin with Kris and Ruffa, we will evaluate Sam’s star power by looking at the following: fan base, body of work, talent, achievements, current projects, and media buzz.

Fan Base: No one can deny that Sam Milby has a lot of fans and that his fans are supportive of his projects. Kung tutuusin, Sam Milby is one of the reasons why ABS-CBN was not totally dominated by GMA in the ratings war. So it’s a good move on the part of ABS-CBN to keep on giving him projects. The network is milking it’s cash cow while there is still something to milk. Whether Sam’s overexposure is good for his long time career remains to be seen. Sam Milby B-List ang overall rating. But A-1 List when it comes to his current popularity and fan base.

Body of Work: Because he is new to the industry, wala pa masyadong napatunayan si Sam. Unlike Kris Aquino who has proven her box-office prowess from 1990s hanggang sa ngayon, hindi pa natin masasabi kung may longevity nga itong popularity ni Sam.

Also, the projects that Sam have been involved in are just not memorable. His movie projects for instance won’t end up in the list of great Filipino films. If he keeps on making movies na sweety-sweety, tenny bopper movies, we’re not sure if his works would stand the test of time. Truth be told, its the quality of one’s work in the entertainment industry which helps a star to be a star for a long time. Sam should start doing quality projects now if he doesn’t want to be just a flash in the pan and if he wants his projects to be appreciated by people years from now.

Talent: Hmmm, wasn’t he a singer before he became really famous? So obviously, meron siyang singing skills. His acting skills are yet to be tested because of the roles he’s been given have not really challenged his range as an actor.

Achievements: His album turned platinum, his movies were box office hits (but to be fair to other stars, hindi lang siya ang main draw ng movie), and his TV shows have good ratings. But if we are looking for awards and such, wala pang masyadong achievements si Sam. He might have won awards like Best New Movie Actor, Best TV Personality, etc, etc. but these are just awards that award giving bodies give out to suck up to celebrities. In other words, the kind of awards that Sam received so far doesn’t really count much.

Current Projects: Dito panalo si Sam because he is one very busy guy. If ABS-CBN is milking Sam’s current popularity by giving him tons of projects, ito namang si Sam is making hay while the sun shines. So it’s a win-win situation for both ABS-CBN and Sam Milby.

Media Buzz: Maugong ang media buzz ni Sam and it’s mostly positive. As is common in the industry, there are rumors that Sam is gay, that he and Piolo Pascual are an item, that there are naked pictures of Sam Milby totally showing his pecker, etc. etc. [Okay, we made up that last one to see whether we can get lascivious Googlers looking for naked pictures of Sam Milby.] But these rumors have not affected the positive buzz on Sam Milby.

OVERALL K (Karapatan) Meter:
Rock or Suck: Tinatanong pa ba iyan? Sam Milby rocks. We are giving him a rockage rating of 8 out of 10.

Hot or Not: He sure is one hot papa. Si Sam Milby B-List siya ngayon but he an be A-List if he remains hot for a long time.

Star Rating: We are putting him in the B-List presently. But if he manages his career well, win credible awards, and prove his longevity there’s no way but up (the A-List) for Sam Milby.

Now it’s your turn to rate Sam Milby. Do you agree with our rating? Violent objections are allowed in the comments.