Sam Jaeger Young, Shirtless, Underwear, Wife

Sam Jaeger Young, Shirtless, Underwear, Wife. Today in Hot Zaddy Hunk of the Day, we bring you Sam Jaeger who stars as the presidential wannabe Tino McClutcheon on The Politician.

Sam, like all the other actors on the show, were the only bright spots on Ryan Murphy’s silly show on Netflix which totally deserves the drubbing it received from critics.

If you want a TV show that better showcases Sam as an actor, check him out on the CBS who Why Women Kill where he totally shines as a 1960s husband. Here’s a still photo of Sam with onscreen wife Ginnifer Goodwin:

sam jaeger why women kill with ginnifer goodwin

Why Women Kill is much better received by critics (67% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes) and it is beloved by the audience (94% audience score) but, unfortunately, Sam and the other cast members will not be coming back for the second season which will have a new set of characters.

Anyhoo, for the thirsty THOTs among us, here are some shirtless and underwear photos of our Hollywood Zaddy of the Day. First, here’s Sam and his fabulous chest hair from the 2008 TV series Eli Stone:

sam jaeger shirtless chest hair - eli stone

Some shirtless and underwear photos from the NBC show Parenthood where Sam played one of the main characters, Joel Graham:

sam jaeger shirtless parenthood

sam jaeger underwear - boxer shorts in parenthood

sam jaeger underwear boxer shorts

sam jaeger underwear shirtless in bed - parenthood

Sam Jaeger Gay or Straight? He is straight but he played an LGBT character on the critically acclaimed mini-series When We Rise where he played the partner of Ken Jones (played by Jonathan Majors).

Sam Jaeger gay with Jonathan Majors in When We Rise 2017

Sam Jaeger Wife. In real life, the actor is actually married to wife Amber Jaeger. Here’s a photo of the couple who are proud parents to four children.

sam jaeger wife andrea in real life

Sam and Amber actually co-starred in the 2011 movie Take Me Home which was written and directed by Sam himself who should continue making movies because this film boasts of four awards from the Boston Film Festival (Audience Choice), the Las Vegas International Film Festival (Best Feature Film Golden Ace Award), Nashville Film Festival (Best Music in a Feature Film), and the Rhode Island International Film Festival (Audience Choice Award).

sam jaeger take me home movie with wife amber

Sam Jaeger Young. For those of you looking for photos of Sam when he was younger. Don’t you just love his chin dimple?

sam jaeger chin dimple

Here’s Sam in his third ever acting gig as journalist Bill Kelley in an episode of The West Wing.

sam jaeger young the west wing

Sam as Eli Stone circa 2008.

sam jaeger young and hot - eli stone

A photo of Sam and his dad which he posted on father’s day. Follow him on Instagram @samjaeger).

Sam Jaeger young with dad on fathers day

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