Ryan Vieth Shirtless and Underwear Photos: Tamra Barney Son – Orange County

Ryan Vieth Shirtless and Underwear Photos: Tamra Barney Son – Orange County (posted 11 January 2010). Can’t get enough of celebrity guys with iPhones? Here’s Ryan Vieth, son of Tamra Barney of Real Housewives of Orange County, taking a shirtless selfie.

ryan vieth shirtless - tamra barney son - real housewives orange county

Not unexpectedly, the denizens of guyswithiphones are debating Ryan’s tattoos. A sample of their comments:

  • From another hater. Why’d you go and ruin a perfectly beautiful body with all that? Makes no sense man. Natural is in. Compensating with ink for lacking in other areas is just stupid. Rick from Los Angeles – doesn’t count when you’re only 25…. lol
  • Beautiful, love that tattoos get some more you can never have enough, who wants to get to 70 and have saggy boring skin with no memories and no individuality. can’t stand people who put people down because they have tattoos, i wouldn’t put someone down because they don’t have any. Get with the times, creatures have been expressing themselves visually with colour for millions of years. get a grip. You look hot bud, and that goes to any guys with tattoos.
  • You’ll regret all that in about 5 years

ryan vieth shirtless selfie guys with iphones

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Ryan Vieth Shirtless and Mugshot Photos Update (14 December 2011): Want some more Ryan Vieth photos? Well, here’s one from when he was booked following his arrest for DUI. TMZ says that there was a standing warrant for his arrest because he failed to report to the court or something… yeah, its all legal stuff.

ryan vieth mugshot

Looks like our Ryan sure likes to take self-portraits of himself in the buff with his iPhone. Here’s another photo where Tamra Barney’s son is wearing nothing but his boxers underwear.

ryan vieth underwear

Vertical striped undies? You know what they say about outfits with vertical stripes, don’t you? It’s what you wear when you want to give the impression that you are actually taller (or longer) than you actually are. Maybe our Ryan is hoping to give the same optical effect with his undies?

Yeah, we know its silly but we gotta ask. Haha. By the way, we agree that them tattoos are bad, bad, bad.

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