Ryan Reynolds Gay or Straight? Gay Proof: He Loves Kissing Men

Ryan Reynolds Gay or Straight: Is Ryan Reynolds gay or straight? To borrow the famous words of Ross Geller on Friends, our Ryan “must be at least bi”. He is not straight up gay because he is married. On the other hand, he is not straight up straight because he seems to love kissin’ men.

Have you seen him goin’ kissy-a-kissy with Conan O’Brien? Our friend Kevin was like, “Durn! That’s one of the hottest gay kissing scenes we’ve ever scene!” This from a guy who watches a lot of adult man-on-man action.

Anyhoo, judge for yourself. Watch Ryan and Conan making out:

The relevant portion starts at the 4:35 mark.

Looks like Conan are Ryan are very much into it and are enjoying the experience, no? We made a screencap for those of you are shipping these two. Shall we call them ConRyan? [Want more celebrity gay kiss?]

ryan reynolds gay proof - kissing conan obrien

As it happens, this is not the first time our Canadian hunk went kissy-a-kissy with a dude. We’re pretty sure this is not Conan’s first time too but let’s focus on Ryan in this post.

Here’s our hunky funnyman kissing American daddy Patrick Warburton. The two play lovebirds on the second installment of Seth Macfarlane’s talking naughty bear movie, Ted.

ryan reynolds gay kiss patrick warburton

In another Seth Macfarlane universe aka Family Guy, Ryan Reynolds and Peter Griffin have a thing for each other.

ryan reynolds gay in family guy

You want more Ryan Reynolds gay proof? Well, check him out going kissy-kissy with another dude. For those of you wondering, the other guy — the object of Ryan’s affection — is Canadian actor Scott Thompson. This incident was recorded at the Genie Awards.

ryan reynolds is so gay

Hey, did you know that Ryan’s character on the blockbuster movie that is Deadpool loves some bum action where he’s at the receiving end? If that ain’t ghey, then nothing is.

ryan reynolds getting pegged deadpool movie

Okay, before we end this post, we gotta say that we here at Famewatcher are big fans of Ryan Reynolds because he is talented and fun and, most importantly, because he is a supporter of the LGBT community.