Ryan Phillippe Gay or Straight? Briefs or Boxers Underwear?

ryan phillippe overalls - pic by mark seliver for interview magazine - 2006

Look who’s looking oh-so-hot in his bib denim overall? It’s the hot gorgeous curly-haired dude that is Ryan Phillippe posing for a shoot for Interview Magazine (photo by Mark Seliver). Ain’t he hawt? Wouldn’t you want to lie down in that field with him? Haha. Want more celebrities in overalls?

More Ryan modeling pics. This time these are from Instyle Magazine.

ryan phillippe peekabo underwear - diesel jeans3

He’s reportedly wearing Diesel jeans in the pic above. Below? He’s wearin’ Levis, baby!

ryan phillippe shirtless - hunk

Ryan Phillippe Gay or Straight? Is the former Mr. Reese Witherspoon gay or straight? He is as straight as an arrow but, for some reason, our friends at gayorstraight.com thinks he is ghey, ghey, ghey like the now-married George Clooney.

Here’s their rating for the sexy handsome star of one of our 2011 fav movies, The Lincoln Lawyer: “According to 546 visitors Ryan Phillippe is 76% gay. The average gay-rating on gay-or-straight.com is 69%, which means Ryan Phillippe has been voted highly gay.”

Although he is straight in real life, Ryan is not afraid to take on a gay role. In fact, he earns the distinction as the first actor to play a gay teenager on television. Here’s Ryan (as Billy Douglas) with boyfriend Ricky on the ABC daytime soap opera, One Life to Live:

ryan phillippe gay boyfriend ricky - one life to live

A here’s a 1992 Entertainment Weekly review about Ryan’s groundbreaking role: “But on the June 26 episode of ABC’s One Life to Live, 16-year-old Billy Douglas will tell the Reverend Andrew Carpenter one more thing: He’s gay. And with that, One Life to Live will boldly go where no soap has gone before — into a major plot line about homosexuality and intolerance that will involve a dozen of the residents of fictional Llanview, Pa., the show’s locale.”

Props to Ryan for taking on the role with the right enlightened attitude. Here’s what he told Entertainment Weekly: “When I auditioned, I had no idea Billy was gay. They told me, and I said ‘Oh! Okay!’ but a shock went through my system. I thought, ‘What is my family going to think? What about my friends?’ But I realized that for Billy, the torment is a hundred times that.”

The producers brought in psychiatrist Richard Isay, a specialist in issues faced by gay teens, who educated Ryan on the issues that LGBT teens face.

“I had a lot of questions,” says Phillippe. “But when he told us that three times as many gay teenagers kill themselves as do straight teens, I realized that maybe this role is where I’m supposed to be. Maybe some kids will see that there are ways to deal with this positively. And I get the chance to do some really cool acting. I mean, the most dramatic scene I did before this was a Nintendo commercial.”

Ryan adds that Billy’s coming-out scene was “the first time ever that I didn’t have to force tears. My voice went all quivery and they just flowed out of me.”

He should have received a GLAAD award for his positive attitude towards his gay role as well as for his bravery in taking on the role at a time when practically all actors are afraid or scared to do so. By the by, our Ryan played another gay role in the 1998 movie, 54, where he gets to make out with Breckin Meyer.

ryan phillippe breckin meyer gay kiss

Sadly, because studio bosses cowardly who don’t have the bravery of Ryan and Breckin, the actors make-out scenes were deleted from the movie.

ryan phillippe gay scene with Breckin Meyer - 54 movie

Only these still photos survived.


Ryan Phillippe Underwear: Boxers or Briefs. Does Ryan wear boxers or briefs? We don’t know what he prefers in real life but he wore a tighty whitie briefs underwear in this scene from the movie White Squall.

ryan phillippe underwear - white briefs - white squall movie

What is Ryan doing now? Is he dating a girlfriend at the moment? Apparently, he’s been dating a model named Paulina Slagter. They’ve been on since 2011.

On the job front, Ryan will be appearing on a TV series called Secrets and Lies. He’s also starring in an upcoming movie called Catch Hell which he wrote and directed himself. His directing got a pretty good review on the LA Times which describe it describes as an “assured directorial debut” and that “he maintains a nice technical grip on the tension and intensity”. Yay for Ryan! We can’t wait to go watch the movie.