Ryan Lochte in Calvin Klein Underwear? Yes, Please!

Ryan Lochte in Calvin Klein Underwear? (posted 9 December 2008). Olympic gold medalist Ryan Lochte is reportedly going to be modeling for Calvin Klein. My friend Deena approves and wants Ryan to also sign up with PETA’s campaigns.

You know, those campaigns where totally naked models walk around the streets protesting against the use of fur and stuff. Anyways, Deena and I are looking forward to Ryan posing in his Calvin Kleins.


Calvin Klein Holiday Underwear for Men 2010 (posted 13 December 2010). Two years later, there is no Ryan Lochte in Calvin Klein. Apparently it was just a rumor. Bummer, no? Anyhoo, here are male models David Vega, Ryan Bertroche, and Diego Miguel posing in Calvin Klein “holiday underwear”.


Don’t ask us what differentiate said underwear from CK’s regular non-holiday undies? Maybe this so-called holiday underwear is the kind that you give as a gift during happy holidays.

Can we have these handsome male models as our gifts instead? We’re so interested in their packages, to be honest. Hehe.

calvin klein holiday underwear

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Ryan Lochte Swimsuits and Underwear (posted 11 August 2011). Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Ryan Lochte’s supposed modeling gig with Calvin Klein worked out. It may have been just a rumor after all. Or maybe the negotiations between the two parties failed at some point? Who knows?

But the swimming American hunk doesn’t really have to be a CK model before we can appreciate his gifts as a model, right?

For instance, check him out as he rocks his red Speedo swimsuit.

ryan lochte red speedo

Obviously, the three-time Olympic gold medalist loves to do this “raise my hands and put ’em at the back of my head” pose. By the way, his three Olympic golds is impressive but we are actually more impressed by his medal haul of 26 gold medals from the FINA World Swimming Championships from 2004 to 2011. He’s an awesome dude!

Ryan Lochte in Calvin Klein: It Happened (posted 14 May 2017). While we were busy doing something else, our Ryan did model Calvin Klein for Macy’s American Icons campaign three years ago in 2014.

ryan lochte in calvin klein for macys american icons campaign

ryan lochte calvin klein macys

ryan lochte calvin klein

ryan lochte in calvin klein underwear

We can now consider our wish fulfilled. Hehe.

Ryan Lochte in Calvin Klein Underwear? Posted 9 December 2008. Updated 14 May 2017.