Ryan Kwanten Underwear: Calvin Klein Boxer Briefs and Boxer Shorts

Ryan Kwanten Underwear: Calvin Klein Boxer Briefs and Boxer Shorts. We’ve seen him in his faded blue Mavi jeans, now let’s check out True Blood actor Ryan Kwanten in his Calvin Klein underwear. Okay, we gotta admit that we’re not 100% sure if this pic is the real deal or if it is photoshopped (notice that the head is kinda small for the neck).

ryan kwanten underwear

The next photos of Ryan in boxer shorts are for real though. Hey, Ryan, who you about to call, boo? Us? Okay we’ll be standing by the telephone and wait for it to ring.

ryan kwanten underwear boxer shorts

Our Ryan sure is a boxer shorts kinda guy because we also see him wearing a different pair in the next pic below.

ryan kwanten underwear boxer shorts

Want more male celebrities who love them some boxer shorts? Well, you might want to go check out our post on Ricky Martin.

Ryan Kwanten Underwear True Blood: Video and Photos (10 August 2011). Hot damn. We can’t believe we missed this on our TV but thank heavens for Youtube so that those of us who didn’t see Ryan Kwanten (as Jason Stackhouse) dancing in his bulging tight underwear will have the chance to watch him. Of course, some of you who already this particular episode on True Blood might want to watch this particular segment again… and again… and again. Can’t say we blame you because really its a hot video. Now, watching the video is awesome because we’re seeing Ryan in action. But some of you (including us actually) might want to see the still photos, right? We’ve got that covered too with these pics that is likely to get excited. [Update: Sorry, video deleted at source.]

More Ryan Kwanten Underoos: 2020 Update. It’s #updatethursday here at Famewatcher and we are updating this post to bring you more photos of the Aussie hunk. The first pic has actually been around for some time now but, for some reason, we didn’t include them in our previous posts.

ryan kwanten tighty whitie briefs

And here are some which we screencapped from an episode of True Blood. Who says you can’t run around in your briefs underwear? Certainly not our Jason Stackhouse.

ryan kwanten underwear briefs - outside

ryan kwanten underwear - white briefs - true blood2

You want the GIF version for the above photos? Of course you do and we’ve got them too!

ryan kwanten briefs underwear true blood - outside rain

ryan kwanten briefs underwear true blood - outside rain3

Oh wait, we should also include this photo of the Aussie hottie in a pair of blue Speedo. It’s from one of his early acting gigs, the TV show Home and Away.

ryan kwanten young - speedo in home and away

Another 2020 Update Just Because. We were intrigued whether Ryan’s angel in underwear photo is real or fake so we went down the internet rabbit hole to find the answer. Turns out that the pic is actually genuine and that it’ traces its provenance from a DNA Magazine photospread. He was the cover boy for the magazine too:

ryan kwanten underwear - white boxer briefs for dna magazine

Ryan’s pic before it was used for the magazine cover.

ryan kwanten calvin klein underwear

More images from the same photoshoot.

ryan kwanten underwear with angel wings - dna magazine

Now, according to the Daily Mail, the actor tried to pass off these images as fake or photoshopped during an interview with the Kyle and Jackie Show (kiis1065.com.au) but eventually acknowledged that he did pose for them. More from the Daily Mail:

‘That’s photo-shopped,’ he said unconvincingly. Jackie was quick to call him out on the shots after pulling them up to share with her co-host.

‘It was just one of those things,’ he confessed. ‘It was before kind of the tirade of the internet where things can kind of get out as quickly as they could.’

Apparently, these photos were taken in 2002 and there publication with DNA magazine was intended to promote Fit To Be Tied, an Australian play where Ryan played an angel tied up in a bedroom.

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