Ryan Guzman Gay or Straight and All His Underwear Photos

Ryan Guzman Underwear Model for Calvin Klein. Before he started making movies, Step Up actor Ryan did some modeling gig for Calvin Klein Underwear. This puts him in the same category as Mark Wahlberg, Antonio Sabato, and Jamie Dornan who modeled CK’s before they made a name for themselves in Hollywood. If you want to expand the list of underwear models who became established actors, you should include Channing Tatum (Dolce & Gabbana), Ashton Kutcher (Joe Boxer), Tyson Beckford (Polo), and many more who are just too numerous to mention.


Ryan Guzman is bringing back the sexy tighty whitie underwear. Yay!

Here are all the photos we can find of Ryan either modeling underwear or simply showing us a glimpse of his underwear waistband.

ryan guzman underwear - squarecut trunks

Nice Emporio Armani. Is he supposed to be a construction worker in this shoot?

ryan guzman emporio armani model

How cute is he when he smiles? Nice boxer shorts, by the way.

ryan guzman underwear model -boxer shorts

We’re trying to figure out the brand of his peekabo underwear but can’t find any clue as to what it is. Must be one of those brands that do not want to broadcast themselves to the world.


Is Ryan Guzman Gay or Straight? We thought the denizens of straight-or-gay.com would rate Ryan as a gay dude because he’s a hot hunk + who dances + and who poses in his underwear but we are pleasantly surprised to find this “quite straight” rating for him:

gay-o-meter/gaydar for Ryan Guzman: According to 527 visitors Ryan Guzman is 53% gay. However, the average gay-rating on gay-or-straight.com is 69%, which means Ryan Guzman is quite straight in comparison to other celebrities on this website.

So sorry gay guys, you can’t have Ryan on your team (at least according to straight-or-gay.com).

Who is Ryan Guzman’s Girlfriend in 2014? So is he dating anyone? Is there truth to the rumors that he is in a relationship with either Lucy Hale or Kathryn McCormick? Nah. We think they’re just his co-stars and superfans with nothing better to do are just pairing them up.

Back in 2012, Ryan stated in an interview that he’s happily single. Since he has not made any comment to update us on his relationship status two years later, let’s just assume that he’s still happily single.