Rushi Kota Shirtless Abs, Wedding, Wife Reeshelle

Rushi Kota Shirtless, Girlfriend, Abs, and Biceps. We already blogged about him in our post on the Hot Asian Guys of Never Have I Ever but we know lots of you are thirsty for more Prashant so we are here to quench your thirst.

First of all, did you know that he was Dr. Vikram Roy on Grey’s Anatomy? Unfortunately, Rushi was only on the show for two seasons because Dr. Roy loves him his weed. His pot-smoking gets him trouble and he was eventually fired from his hospital job. Still, we gotta thank Grey’s for giving us these shirtless photos of the actor looking oh-so-gorgeous.

rushi kota dr vic roy shirtless in greys anatomy

Apart from Grey’s Anatomy, the 33-year-old actor has appeared in General Hospital, 9-1-1, Extant, and The 101. To date, he’s got 24 acting credits to his name since he began his professional career as an actor in 2010.

Now, here are some shirtless photos of the Indian-American hunk which we grabbed from his Instagram account (follow him @rushikota).

rushi kota body abs

The next pic below is probably our favorite from the images we grabbed from his Insta.

rushi kota shirtless body

Whatever it is he is doing in the right photo below, we are all for it. [Update: Our friend Deena says he is most probably doing yoga.]

rushi kota shirtless underwear

Hey look, he’s giving us a peekabo underwear. Also, yeah, flex them biceps Rushi,

rushi kota hot indian guy prashant in never have i ever

rushi kota prashant in never have i ever

Speaking of flexed and bulging biceps:

rushi kota bulging biceps

Now, for those of you wondering whether he’s got a girlfriend or not, the answer is a big fat yes. He is currently dating a girl named Reeshelle Sookram and, from what we gathered, the two have been seeing each other for a long time. Anyhoo, here’s a photo of the actor and his GF which he posted during their anniversary last year:

rushi kota girlfriend - Reeshelle Sookram

He accompanied the above pic with the following message: “Yooo celebrating my anniversary with this gorgeous woman, today! She never lets me take photos of her but the times I do. I get to capture this. It’s been a long road to where we were to where we have come. On and off but mostly on for 14 years. Everyone, go to #Costco and get yourselves a smart, independent, capable, beautiful woman who’s gonna change the world. #enoughsaid Happy Anniversary!”

Awwww, we are soooo happy for them!

Update: Rushi and Reeshelle Wedding Photos: Apparently, Rushi and Reeshelle actually tied the knot last month so they’re not just boyfriend/girlfriend as we originally assumed.

From the actor’s Instagram page he posted on 19 March:”Despite the world coming to a stand still this past week, weekend and currently. I got married to my ride or die, to my bestie! It was absolutely magical! We danced, we laughed, we cried, we hugged, we loved. Leading up to it was anything but! The stress was insurmountable but regardless we tied the knot on our fifteen year anniversary.”

He adds: “When everything seemed bleak the people that mattered the most in our lives pulled through fearless for their lives with only love in their hearts to celebrate with us. We are grateful to the homies that came to witness our epic union. PS: After all this drama, the movie practically writes itself. Thank you!”

Here are wedding photos of the newlyweds:

rushi kota wedding wife

rushi kota wife wedding to Reeshelle Sookram

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