Rupert Everett Shirtless, Young, Boyfriend, Director

Rupert Everett Shirtless, Young, Boyfriend, Director. In our earlier post on Kit Clarke, we mentioned that Rupert Everett will be directing the up-and-coming actor in a movie called Lost and Found in Paris about the life of the latter. When Kevin read the post he was like, “Wait what? Rupert is a director now too? What’s he trying to prove? What’s up with actors fancying themselves as directors these days? Like people, stay in your lane!!! And the movie is about his life too?”

To answer Kevin as well as those of you with similar questions, yes, Rupert Everett is also a director now. And, to be fair to the guy, this is not his first rodeo. In fact, he already directed a movie in 2018 about Oscar Wilde. It’s called The Happy Prince and we are happy to note that it’s been well-received by critics and that it won awards and nominations in the film festival circuit. Specifically, it won at the Bavarian Film Awards and it was nominated for best feature film at the Berlin International Film Festival.

rupert everett the happy prince

So Rupert has earned the right to call himself a director. Clearly the guy is talented and if he wants to direct a movie about his life and thus open an opportunity for a young actor like Kit Clarke, then we should wish him well, no?

Rupert Everett Awards. The Happy Prince brought Rupert the best actor as well as the best director trophies at the 2018 Magna Graecia Film Festival held in Catanzaro Lido, Italy. Check him out with his trophies with Italian producer Gianvito Casadonte. The actor also has earned awards from the London Film Critics’ Circle (as best actor for The Happy Prince), the Satellite Award, the Florida Film Critics Circle, the American Comedy Award, and the National Board of Review (as part of an acting ensemble). He’s also been nominated two times at both the BAFTA and the Golden Globes.

rupert everett awards - best actor and best director at magna graecia film festival

Rupert Everett Gay, Boyfriend, and Marriage Thoughts. Although he is a friend of Dorothy, the actor is not exactly a favorite in today’s LGBT community. Kevin dislikes him for instance. This dislike by some members of the gheys for one of the early out actors in Hollywood may be traced to the fact that Rupert’s opinions sometime do not align with mainstream LGBT thought.

For instance, he was against gay marriage at the time when people were campaigning for equal rights a decade ago. Here’s what he said about the matter in an interview with The Guardian: “I loathe heterosexual weddings. The wedding cake, the party, the champagne, the inevitable divorce two years later. It’s just a waste of time in the heterosexual world, and in the homosexual world I find it personally beyond tragic that we want to ape this institution that is so clearly a disaster.”

If you have no problem with reading comprehension, you’d already know that he is not against same-sex marriage per se. Instead he is against marriage whether for the straights or for the gheys. Unfortunately, there’s a section in the LGBT community who willfully misread what he said by claiming that Rupert is totally against equal marriage rights.

Rupert Everett Boyfriend. According to the interwebs, the actor’s beau is Brazilian, is an accountant, and is named Henrique. Here’s a paparazzi photo of the lovebirds, who’ve been in a relationship for about 15 years now, on a walking date during the pandemic.

rupert everett boyfriend henrique

One interesting tidbit we learned while writing this post is the fact that Rupert had a relationship with a famous married woman. Specifically, he was bumping uglies with TV presenter Paula Yates who was, at the time, then married to Bob Geldof. Here’s a pic of the illicit lovers sharing a bed:

rupert everett bi with paula yates

And here’s what Rupert says about their relationship: “She was married. I was gay. These constraints operated like a kind of safety net. We were both narcissists. We both loved to act up and we adored being looked at.”

Rupert Everett Then and Now. For those of you wondering what he looks like these days and what he looked like back when he was younger.

rupert everett now - hot daddy

rupert everett young autograph

rupert everett boyfriend

Rupert Everett Shirtless and Underwear Photos. And here are shirtless and underwear photos of the actor for the thirsty THOTs among us including Kevin who may dislike the actor but who still appreciates a beautiful man.

rupert everett shirtless underwear peekabo

rupert everett underwear briefs in The Scandalous Adventures Of Lord Byron

rupert everett hot in attitude magazine cover

rupert everett underwear2

rupert everett underwear

Let’s end this post with these photos of a young Rupert in the LGBT movie Another Country with co-stars Colin Firth and Cary Elwes.

rupert everett gay - first out - another country with colin firth

rupert everett another country with cary elwes

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