Rugby Players in the Buff: Paul Sackey, Steve Borthwick, Shane Williams

Rugby Players in the Buff. First of all, look who’s gone au natural for the sake of art? By “art”, we, of course, mean commercial TV advertising. Three brave British rugby players, that’s who! If you are wondering about their names, well, they are Paul Sackey, Steve Borthwick and Shane Williams. The threesome stripped down to their birthday suit to promote Powerade sports drink.

rugby players in the buff - Paul Sackey, Steve Borthwick and Shane Williams naked for powerade

England captain Borthwick reveals that he had to put up with dressing room jokes since these photos were taken. But now, he says he’s pretty satisfied with the results. From

“It is one of the most daring shoots I’ve been involved in but it has been loads of fun, even if it has given my team-mates plenty of ammunition for changing room banter,” he said.

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Rugby Players in the Buff for Powerade (Video Version)
08 March 2009

Wondering how the Powerade print ads we posted earlier were made? This video gives us a behind-the-scenes look. As in the photos, this video features England rugby captain Steve Borthwick, Shane Williams, and Paul Sackey.

Update: Sorry, the video is either disabled or is no longer available.

Rugby Players in the Buff: Beach Photo
20 February 2009

rugby players in the buff

We can’t remember now where we “borrowed” this photo but the guys in the pictures are professional rugby players from Down Under. Hey, wait, we don’t actually know whether they are from Australia or from New Zealand. Is it correct to also refer to New Zealand as Down Under? Or is the “nickname” only reserved for Australia? If you happen to know, do tell in the comments.

Anyways, for no apparent reason, these professional sportsmen just decided to hold a n*k*ed rugby game.

We’re pretty sure their fans were beyond thrilled. [Update: Sorry, we had to delete the pics just because.]

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