Ruffa Gutierrez: C-List Pinay Celebrity

Ruffa Gutierrez C-List Celebrity. Are you, like me, wondering why Ruffa Guttierez seems to be famous? You know, she’s always in the news. She’s always on TV with that pretentious faux-American something accent of hers. And ABS-CBN took her pa as host to replace Kris Aquino in The Buzz. Goodness gracious!

Anyway, since one of the purposes of this blog is to rate the famousness of Filipinos (a people who are easily razzle-dazzled by celebrities) I decided to honor Ruffa by making her the first-ever celebrity to be rated by this blog.

Please note that in analyzing the fame rating of celebrities, we will be looking at the following: fan base, body of work, talent, achievements, current projects, and media buzz.

We will then add everything to determine whether your celebrity is hot or not, whether they rock or suck, whether they are A-Listers or D-Listers and the other categories in between, and whether they are has-beens, never-beens, upcoming stars, or stars whose star meter can stand the test of time. Finally we will compare their celebrity meter to other artistas.

I’m sure you are now excited to know how Ruffa Guttierez rates as a celebrity ano? So here it goes.

Fan Base: Will the fans of Ruffa please stand up. Sige na tumayo po kayo. Eh bakit walang tumayo? Seriously, meron bang fans ang babaeng ito. Wala yata tayong narinig na Ruffa fans club. May fans si Jolina, si Judy Ann, si Richard, si Piolo, si Regine, si Robin pero wala yatang fans itong si Ruffa. Really! O sige nga tumayo kayong mga fans ni Ruffa. Tignan mo, walang tumayo. Proof yan na Ruffa Gutierrez C-List.

Body of Work: She starred in forgettable movies that no one remembers. Also, wala yata siyang ginawang movies na box-office hits.

Talent: So so in the acting department (she belongs to the sigaw-sigaw school of acting). Not noted for either good singing or dancing skills. Has hosting skills but she is sooo self-absorbed; she focuses too much on herself and doesn’t know how to engage her guests.

Achievements: To be fair she placed third in the Miss World contest. But this title gets diminished because she keeps bragging about it and her minions in the entertainment press keep referring to it. Parang wala yata akong nabasang write-up about her without a sentence saying that she was a Miss World princess etc. etc. Eh sa totoo lang, it should be second princess.
Also, there are tons of Filipino beauty title holders who do not keep on bragging about their title and who have moved on to do bigger things.

To her credit, we should also recognize the fact that Ruffa had the guts to try out Hollywood but other than some hosting engagements wala naman siyang maipagmamalaki doon. Still, her Hollywood experience is a plus. She got an award during that scandalous Metro Manila Film Festival but this is more of a black mark on her record because it was a scam.

Current Projects: To be fair again, ABS-CBN has entrusted a hosting job for Ruffa so maybe they saw something good about her to give her a project. But as noted in the talent section, she is too self-absorbed to be a passable host.

Media Buzz: Most of the current media buzz about Ruffa is negative: separation with Ylmaz, bigamy, etc. etc. Past media buzzes were also negative particularly the Manila Film Festival Award where she conspired to cheat to gain the best actress award and the Bruneiyuki scandal.

Rock or suck: With that fake accent and all, she definitely sucks. We give her a suckage rating of 7 (the highest is 10).

Hot or not: Not. Well, she has often titillated the public with the tawdry scandals she has been involved in but these are negative scandals which do not work on her favor.

Star Ranking: With very limited talent, no movie hits that could be attributed to her, no significant fan-base, and no body of work that would stand the test of time, it is clear that Ruffa belongs to the group of C-List Filipino celebrities. So go ahead and call her Ruffa Gutierrez C-List.

Since she has never made it to the top tier list of stars, it’s not fair to call her a has-been. The more apt description would be that she is a “never-been”. Considering that she is on her 30s (not a great age for an actress), Ruffa has very limited potential for the future. Yes, we might see her in more scandals that would titillate us but this would not lift her from the C-List where she rightly belongs. Now, it’s your turn to rate Ruffa by sharing with us your thoughts in the comments section. How would you rate Ruffa’s K-Meter in a scale of one to ten (ten being the highest)?

Ruffa Gutierrez C-List Celebrity updated to add some info.