Rove McManus Shirtless and Underwear Photos

Is Rove McManus Gay? No he is not gay. He’s actually married to actress Tasma Walton. Rove is famous for asking his guests the question, “who would you go gay for?” which encouraged singer/comedian Chas Licciardello to go gay for Rove himself.

rove mcmanus gay kiss - Chas Licciardello lays a wet kiss on Rove in 2008

The video version is way better. Watch:

Rove McManus Underwear: What kind of underwear does Rove prefer? Well, someone on Twitter asked him whether he likes boxers or briefs and our Rove revealed that he prefers boxer briefs.


Want to see Rove in a pair of G-string bikini briefs? Check him out in this clip from his Aussie show, Rove. The makeover is courtesy of Bruno aka Sacha Baron Cohen. Note: The video may not be safe for work.

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