Ross Butler Shirtless, Ethnicity, Parents, Gay or Girlfriend

Ross Butler Shirtless Abs, Ethnicity, Parents, Gay or Girlfriend. Today in hot guys with abs, we bring you Ross Butler and his sculpted body. Damn, if we ain’t married we’re gonna obsessing over this guy. Haha.

ross butler shirtless abs - six pack washboard

You will be seeing more of Ross (and hopefully his sculpted abs) once Riverdale starts airing this coming January on The CW. Of course, you will also be seeing his equally gorgeous co-stars such as KJ Apa and Casey Cott. Ross is gonna play Reggie Mantle, KJ is Archie, and Casey is Kevin. Anyhoo, here’s a pic of the trio with Lochlyn Munro on the set of Riverdale.

ross butler riverdale - reggie mantle

But enough Riverdale. We know you are more interested in Ross Butler shirtless pics which shows his gorgeous abs, right? Well, here you go, fellow Famewatchers! We grabbed this photos from Ross’s Instagram account which you might want to follow at @rossbutler.

ross butler abs - sixpack washboard

Ross Butler Ethnicity and Parents. Who are Ross Butler’s parents? What is his ethnic background? Where does he come from?

Well, his mother is Indonesian while his father is British/Dutch. So his ethnic background is mixed. We guess you can say Eurasian or Asian/European. Where does he come from? Well, he was reportedly born in Singapore, was raised in Indonesia, and moved to the United States. Anyhoo, here are some photos of Ross with his mom and dad.

ross butler parents - mother and father

In an interview with, Ross mentions that he was raised by a single mom so you could say that his parents separated/divorced when he was a kid.

Oh, he also had this to say about his hope to become a model for Asians in Hollywood:

My desire to be a role model for the younger Asian generation. Growing up, there weren’t a lot of Asians or leading Asian men in entertainment. Nowadays Asians are appearing in more films, and the population is getting larger, so I want to be the guy that the Asian kids look up to. I don’t typically play the stereotypical Asian characters.

Good for you, Ross!

Want more Ross Butler Shirtless Photos? Of course you do. Here you go, Famewatchers! Again, we grabbed this from his Instagram (@rossbutler) which you should follow if you want more pics like these.

ross butler ethnicity - mixed race - indonesian british dutch

We’d like to imagine that he’s totally clothes free in the next photo below. Haha.

ross butler shirtless abs

What a cutie! Does he remind you of Ryan Higa?

ross butler gay or straight

Ross Butler Gay or Girlfriend? Is he gay or straight? We don’t know. We’re gonna assume he is straight unless he says he’s not. Does he have a girlfriend at the moment? What’s his relationship status? Why is he in bed with this girl? Is this his girlfriend? Damn, that girl is lucky if she’s the girlfriend!

ross butler girlfriend shelley hennig

Lighten up, Mary! That is not Ross Butler’s girlfriend. That’s his Teen Wolf co-star Shelley Henig. For the record, according to, our Ross is possibly single. Yay!

In conclusion, let us end this post with our favorite Ross Butler shirtless photo. Damn, he’s hot, hot, and hawt!

ross butler shirtless and hot

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