Rory McIlroy Shirtless, Wedding, Titles

Rory McIlroy Shirtless, Wedding, Titles. Since we last blogged about him, our Irish golfer has gone on to get himself hitched, win more golfing titles, and brought home more awards. Let’s talk first about his wedding, shall we?

rory mcilroy wedding to erica stoll

Unfortunately, we can’t find any pics from their wedding but here’s a report about the event from the Belfast Telegraph: “Rory McIlroy has married American girlfriend Erica Stoll at a lavish ceremony at Ashford Castle. The Holywood golfer was joined by a host of top names and celebrities, including One Direction’s Niall Horan, along with fellow player Sergio Garcia. Guests arrived at the venue in Cong, Co Mayo by helicopter and luxury cars on Saturday, before making their way up the winding path to Ashford Castle.”

For those wondering why they’re calling him a Holywood golfer, it doesn’t mean he’s gone celebrity on us and became some kind of snub. Rather, Holywood — with a single L — is actually the town he grew up in which is located in County Down, Northern Ireland.

More about the wedding from the Belfast Telegraph: “The wedding in the 13th century castle was a who’s who of Irish sport, showbusiness and financial worlds, with the 200-plus wedding guests set to be entertained by US pop star Stevie Wonder. A spectacular fireworks display was set to be staged on Saturday night to celebrate the wedding.”

So there you go! Here’s another pic of Rory and Erica who are now the proud parents of a two-year-old daughter.

rory mcilroy wife erica stoll

Rory McIlroy Titles. Even though he’s still to win another major, Rory continues to bring home trophies from various golf tournaments around the world. One of his more recent titles is the RBC Canadian Open which he successfully defended last June 2022. To date he’s won a total of 35 titles on the PGA and European tours including four major championships.

rory mcilroy latest golf titles

Rory McIlroy Shirtless II. For the thirsty hoes among us, here are more shirtlessness of our golfer. These ones are actually from his 2015 photoshoot with Men’s Health Magazine.

rory mcilroy shirtless body

rory mcilroy shirtless golfer

Rory McIlroy Shirtless Photo (2 June 2016). We already posted a shirtless photo of four-time major golf champion Rory McIlroy but it won’t hurt to put this here again, right? Wake up, sleepy head!

rory mcilroy shirtless - pic by girlfriend caroline wozniacki

And here are shirtless pics of the world-famous golfer on the cover of Men’s Health Magazine.

rory mcilroy shirtless

Rory McIlroy shirtless on the cover of Men’s Health Magazine.

Rory McIlroy Girlfriend and ex-Girlfriends (8 September 2014). What is Rory’s relationship status these days? Is he dating anyone at the moment? Well, if gossip papers are to be believed, the golf champion is reportedly seeing a 23-year-old receptionist named Sasha Gale. Check out her pic below:

rory mcilroy girlriend 2014 is sasha gale

Some tabloids also reported that the 25-year-old Irish star athlete dated Dublin model Nadia Forde but she denied any romantic involvement. Here’s Nadia:


And here’s what the Cheryl Cole-lookalike says about her supposed relationship with McIlroy (via

Look, I met him with a gang of friends last October in 37 [Dawson St] and I haven’t seen him since. End of story. Next question! It was one of those situations where you have mutual friends and two plus two equals five.

Of course, everyone knows that Rory dated tennis player Caroline Wozniacki, right? He was kind of a douche in this relationship because he dumped him after they sent out their wedding invitations. Maybe he looked at the pic below and said, “No way am I going to marry a girl who makes me look like a kid”?


Anyhoo, before Caroline, Rory was dating Holly Sweeney but he dumped the latter for the former.


Recently, the bookmakers of Paddy Power decided to have fun by posting odds on who would be the golfer’s next girlfriend. has some the details:

A quick glance at “Rory’s Next Birdie” shows that the odds-on favorite to be McIlroy’s new flame is 24-year old Holly Sweeney, who actually shouldn’t be classified as a new girlfriend because the two already dated for six years before calling it quits back in 2011. But if you think they’re getting back together, Sweeney at 3/1 odds looks like a pretty solid bet.

If Rory isn’t going to the proverbial used-car market, Irish model/singer Nadia Forde is sitting next at 6/1, followed by British television presenter Zoe Salmon at 7/1, former beauty queen Collette McBarron at 8/1, and fellow golfer Michelle Wie at 9/1.

rory mcilroy gay or straight

Rory McIlroy Smoking Hot. We’ve been looking for more Rory McIlroy shirtless photos but we can’t find any. But we did find these smoking gym photos of the world’s number one golfer.

rory mcilroy workout muscles

What a bod!


How Rich is Rory McIlroy? How much money did he make as a pro golfer and how much did he make in his sponsorship deals and endorsements? As of 01 September 2014, he’s made $22.5 million playing golf on the PGA Tour. He’s also made nearly €17 million on the European Tour.

Reliable details are hard to come by when it comes to his sponsorship deals (with brands such as Omega, Santandar Bank, Nike, and Bose) but he reportedly made $100 million on a five-year endorsement deal with Nike. The guy sure is loaded! Good for him.

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