Ronnie Woo Gay or Straight? Boyfriend or Girlfriend?

ronnie woo shirtless chef on logo

Ordinarily, we would not want a chef or anyone who works in the kitchen to go shirtless. However, every now and then, we come across a chef so hot we wouldn’t mind them if they go shirtless while preparing our food. One such chef is Ronnie Woo, the host of the Logo TV show Food To Get You Laid.

Check him out in his swim trunks.

ronnie woo gay or straight

Another Ronnie Woo shirtless in his trunks photo. Gorgeous. [Want more hot guys who cook?]

ronnie woo - food to get you laid chef - logo

If you are wondering why he is giving us a modelesque pose, well, its because he did some modeling before he turned to “chefing”.

He tells us how he became a model (from

My independent streak (at least that was how I perceived it) actually intensified after high school when I moved to Los Angeles by myself at the age of 19 to pursue a personal dream of becoming a fashion model. Armed only with a few material possessions alongside a healthy dose of determination and resourcefulness, I supported myself, worked my tail off, and eventually signed with Wilhelmina Models!

Thank heavens for Ronnie’s independent streak. Otherwise, we won’t be seeing pictures like this:

So how did Ronnie move from modeling to cooking? He tells us in this interview with Bello Magazine:

Tell me Chef Ronnie, how did you go from being a high fashion model to becoming a chef?
Well, I love eating and let’s just say that the modeling world doesn’t exactly embrace a healthy appetite. So after a solid few years working as a model while also attending UCLA and graduate school, I finally gave in entirely to food and decided to become a chef!

What did you want to do before becoming a chef?
I originally wanted to be a relationship columnist, which is why I earned my Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT). But after working at a drug and s*x addiction clinic for a year, I realized I was much too blunt and sarcastic to be a good therapist. Therapists are totally underappreciated because it is such an important and emotionally taxing job. I have so much respect for the profession. However, I knew it just wasn’t my path. Oh, I also have my MBA, you know, just for kicks [laughs].

Ronnie Woo Gay or Straight? Does he have a boyfriend/girlfriend? Since his show airs on the gay network, Logo TV, our friend Kevin kinda assumed that Ronnie is gay. No doubt, Kevin is not the only one with that assumption because we see lots of you googlers googling “ronnie woo boyfriend”.

So is Ronnie Woo gay or straight?

Well, our friend Deena thinks Ronnie is straight because in his interview with Bello Magazine, he mentions having a crush on Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Considering that Ronnie cites the Buffy star as the celebrity he would love to cook for, we are with Deena in her conclusion that Ronnie is straight (but hopefully not narrow).

Still, feel free to ship Ronnie with one of his guests in Food to Get You Laid, Jason Carter of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

ronnie woo boyfriend - jason carter - not

Let’s end this post with our favorite photo of our hunky Asian chef:

ronnie woo shirtless chef

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