Ronan Farrow Gay? Boyfriend Jon Lovett? Shirtless Photos?

Ronan Farrow Gay? Boyfriend Jon Lovett? Shirtless Photos? Yay. There’s another hottie on TV. His name is Ronan Farrow. He’s a genius. He’s hot. And he’s a progressive liberal. Yay! More about the newest MSNBC host from The Hollywood Reporter: “Ronan Farrow — the son of Mia Farrow who previously worked as an Obama administration foreign policy official — will host a weekday program on MSNBC beginning early next year. The announcement came Wednesday from MSNBC president Phil Griffin. The show, which is likely to launch in mid-January, will be closely aligned with Farrow’s activism.”

ronan farrow gay or straight

What’s his activism about? Huh! Are we really that interested in his activism or should we focus on the more important questions that we Famewatchers care about? You know, questions like: Does he have shirtless photos? Does he have a girlfriend or wife? Or maybe he is gay and has a boyfriend instead? Hehe. We are shallow shallow people so, of course, we’d rather check out his shirtless pics and gossip about his relationships.

Unfortunately, those of you who are into “shirtless media hunks” — see: Shirtless Sanjay Gupta — will be disappointed because our Ronan is a good example of what our friend Deena calls a non-millenial millenial. Although he, at 25 years old, is clearly of the millenial generation, it does not seem like he’s got that millenial urge to share shirtless selfies, bulging underwear photos, and what have you. Try as we might, we can’t find a shirtless pic of our blue-eyed hunk.

We know you are disappointed so we decided to upload this shirtless photo of Ronan Keating who is just as good-looking as his namesake. Just imagine Farrow’s face on Keating’s body and, voila, you’ve got yourself an image of a shirtless Ronan Farrow.

ronan keating shirtless underwear

Now, does Ronan F. have a girlfriend? Is he and singer Selena Gomez in a relationship as the photo below may suggest? Nah. Selena is Justin Bieber’s girl although their relationship seems to be the on-again off-again variety.

ronan farrow girlfriend selena gomez

What about this photo of Ronan with Jemima Khan? Mean anything? Nah. We think they’re just friends/acquaintances. Jemima is reportedly dating Russell Brand.

ronan farrow girlfriend - jemima khan

Ronan Farrow Gay Boyfriend? So if our new MSNBC hunk does not have a girlfriend, is it possible that he has a boyfriend? If you believe some internet rumors (we’re referring to our friends at, he is reportedly dating former Obama speechwriter Jon Lovett. Here’s a pic of Lovett in shirt and jeans.

jon lovett tshirt and jeans2

And a pic of Farrow also in T-shirt and jeans.

ronan farrow t shirt and jeans

And here’s a pic of Ron and Jon which we grabbed from the New York Social Diary.

ronan farrow gay boyfriend is jon lovett ny social diary

And here’s another pic of the two hotties (we’re gonna say “couple” but we really have no confirmation that they are) from the 2013 International Best Dressed List Party which we grabbed from Photo credit reportedly goes to by Chris Rovzar.

ronan farrow jon lovett - photo booth - 2013 intl best dressed list party pic by Chris Rovzar

By the way, we must mention that Lovett produced the short-lived NBC comedy 1600 Penn which was kinda fun to watch. We’re sad when the show ended because it deprived us of the gorgeous Robbie Amell (see: Robbie Amell Shirtless Photos).

We should also mention that Lovett is gay according to Steve Clemons of The Atlantic:

… Barack Obama is losing his only gay speechwriter. Yes, I’ve said it now — GAY. None of the reports — none — no one who has written or blogged about Lovett’s big news has shared anything of his gay sizzle and fabulousness. Jon Lovett is not shy at all about this — and frankly, I think it’s been inspiring and important to have a brilliant gay speechwriter among the other half dozen or so other young future Ted Sorensen’s.

So to summarize: Ronan Farrow is hot but he’s got no shirtless pics. He is not dating Selena Gomez. Rumor has it that he is dating Jon Lovett who is a brilliant gay speechwriter. Oops, make that former speechwriter slash current TV producer.

2020 Update: Apparently, Ron and Jon are now engaged! Yay! Ronan made the revelation on his book Catch and Kill. People Magazine has the details on how Ronan proposed to his fiance:

The Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, 31, wrote about proposing to Pod Save America host Jon Lovett in his book, where he explained he thought up of a creative way to ask Lovett.

“Later, when I decided some of that reporting would make its way into a book, I’d send him a draft, and put in a question, right on this page: ‘Marriage?’” Farrow wrote. “On the moon or even here on Earth. He read the draft, found the proposal here, and said, ‘Sure.’”

Awww! We’re so happy for these two. When’s the wedding, lovebirds?

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