Romanian Male Models: Enea Cristian in Jeans and Underwear

romanian male models - Andre Birleanu

Romanian Male Models. We first wrote this post on Las Vegas-based Romanian model Enea Cristian back in 2010 and wanted to update it but we can’t find any current information on the guy so we decided to bring you more Romanian men who are making names for themselves in the world of modeling.

Adrian Zmed Shirtless, Speedo, Underwear: Romanian-American Actor

Famewatchers, check out Romanian-American actor Adrian Zmed in his old-style Speedo swimsuit. Is he the Hugh Jackman of his generation. He may not be as big a star as the Australian actor but he sure looks Jackmaniac: big hair, muscled body, and a willingness to show some skin. It is also worth noting that Adrian got him some nice ab muscles which is interesting because male physical fitness during his time didn’t emphasize having ab muscles, six-packs, and the things fitness enthusiasts are now obsessing about.