Romain Bonnet Wedding, Girlfriend, Shirtless: Selling Sunset

Romain Bonnet Wedding, Shirtless, Underwear: Selling Sunset. After watching the Netflix show Interior Design Masters (where we saw Frank Newbold robbed of the title), the algorithm suggested that we might also watch a show called Selling Sunset.

Of course, being the TV drones that we are and since we are looking for something to binge, we went ahead and clicked on it hoping that it will be a good watch.

How was it, you ask? Let’s just say that we are not impressed by the first episode. Maybe things will get better but we didn’t like it enough to binge it. It just seems like the characters of the show are overly beautified (and thus do not look natural and are hard to relate to) and that they are playing it up for the camera.

We know of course that this is de rigueur for some reality shows but we tend not to watch those kind of shows. We’re more into shows like Rhythm + Flow, Styling Hollywood, Interior Design Masters, and Tidying Up With Marie Kondo rather than shows like Housewives of Whatever City or Keeping Up With the Kardashians. After just 15 minutes of Selling Sunset, we decided that it belongs to the latter group rather than the former.

However, our interest perked up when a gorgeous French guy named Romain Bonnet appeared on the screen. Now, if you’ve been Famewatching with us, you already know that we are THOTs for good looking boys with accents. So if we are ever going to finish the series, it’s because we’d like to see more of Romain’s gorgeousness. Anyhoo, here’s our boy making out with girlfriend Mary Fitzgerald who is one of the show’s main cast.

Romain Bonnet fiance Mary Fitzgerald

Now, if you guessed that the above GIF made us thirsty for more Romain and that we went looking for his Instagram account, then you guessed correctly because that’s exactly what we did. And boy are we happy we did because we came across this photo of our French chef rocking a pair of blue briefs-style swimsuit:

Romain Bonnet speedo

Thank you Monsieur Bonnet for updating our category on Men in Speedos.

Romain Bonnet selling sunset french hunk

We also found out via the comments on his Instagram (follow him @romaiin.bonnet) that Mary isn’t just his girlfriend and that they are actually engaged. Awww. Good for you, lovebirds. Now, when’s the wedding so we will be blogging about it?

Romain Bonnet wedding Mary Fitzgerald

We will return to watch (but not binge) Selling Sunset so we’ll leave you for now with a shirtless Romain Bonnet which, like the above images, we grabbed from his Instagram account.

Romain Bonnet shirtless underwear

23 May 2020 Update. Romain and Mary tied the knot in the last episode of the second season of Selling Sunset. Congrats to the newlyweds. Here’s a GIF when they were saying their “I do’s”.

romain seling sunset wedding4

The couple greet their guests after the wedding ceremony.

romain bonnet wedding selling sunset

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