Rolex Gold Watch: Elizabeth Hurley’s 18k Rolex President Watch

Look who’s got herself a Rolex gold watch? It’s British supermodel-turned-actress Elizabeth Hurley. Our girl has not been very active lately but you should watch out for her in High Midnight, a movie about vampires and the undead, slated for release in 2011.

Check out this close-up of a Rolex President gold watch similar to Elizabeth’s.

Want more female celebrities wearing ladies watches?

FROM THE ARCHIVES: Old blog entry on Liz Hurley

Splitsville: Liz Hurley-Arun Nayar Breakup?
16 March 2009

Question: Which Supermodel is reportedly more of a boss than a wife? It’s Elizabeth Hurley. That’s according to a Daily Mail source who reportedly said this:

‘She’s more like a boss than a wife. Arun often feels like rather than being in first flush of love, he is stuck with a wife who can be cold, pushy and bossy.’ 

My, my. Should we sympathize with Liz’s husband Arun Nayar? Surely, no husband deserves a cold, pushy, and bossy wife. Or should we sympathize with Liz Hurley? Surely no wife deserves to be trash-talked by a friend to the husband.

Nah. These two deserve no sympathies from us. They’re adults. They’re super rich. They’re beautiful people. And other than what appears to be a loveless marriage they’re much better off than 99.99% of us. So our sympathies should go to the children of Darfur, no? Right!