Roger Moore Rolex + George Lazenby Submariner: James Bond Rolex Watches

Roger Moore Rolex Submariner: James Bond Rolex Watches. Roger Moore is wearing a Rolex Submariner watch in the above pic from one of his James Bond movies.

roger moore rolex submariner

Below, Roger with the beautiful Jane Seymour (as Solitaire) in the 1973 Bond movie, Live and Let Die.

roger moore rolex submariner james bond

If you wear Rolex, you will get the girls. This is true in Bond-world as well as in the real world, right?

You will also work in an office as a superspy. Well, actually, you don’t put James Bond in an office. He’s not the desk-bound kind of guy.

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James Bond Rolex Watch: George Lazenby’s Rolex Submariner
16 August 2010

george lazenby rolex submariner

George Lazenby is an Australian actor who played James Bond in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. The Rolex watch he wore for the movie has been identified by enthusiasts as a Rolex Submariner.

george lazenby rolex submariner james bond

george lazenby james bond rolex submariner watch

George Lazenby several years later. He still loves him his Rolex. Yay!

george lazenby rolex datejust

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Roger Moore Rolex Submariner, George Lazenby Submariner: James Bond Rolex Watches. Posted 20 August 2010. Updated 30 May 2017.