Rob Marciano Shirtless, Underwear, & the Is He Gay Question

Rob Marciano Shirtless. Who is hawter: Gio Benitez of ABC News or Rob Marciano of Entertainment Tonight? They are equally hawt in the biceps department but we are going with Rob as the hotter guy because we love us our curly-topped celebrities. Kinda unfair to Gio but it’s a personal choice. Hehe.

rob marciano bulging biceps

Actually, if we are going to objective about it, Rob would still be the hotter dude because he does not mind reporting doing his TV reports while in the buff. Okay, maybe he’s not totally in the buff but we’d like to think he is wearing nada underneath them white sheet. After all, isn’t it the number one law in the Massaging World that patrons should get rid of all their clothes before they go for a massage? If there’s no such law, then lawmakers should pass one. Haha.

Anyhoo, those of you who are looking for shirtless photos of the Entertainment Tonight anchor will be happy to note that you need not look further than this video where he reports from the massage table.

Want still photos of our shirtless Rob? Here you go!

rob marciano shirtless jock

How cute is he?

rob marciano shirtless - massage


rob marciano no shirt

And closer. Mwaah!

Is Rob Mariano gay? If you believe the memo from the Malaysian education ministry that men who wear tight body-fitting shirt are gay then, if you see the next pic below, you might end up mistakenly thinking that our Robbie is a homosexual.


He is not. After all, he’s married to a beautiful gal named Eryn. Here’s the happy couple.

rob marciano wife eryn

Two years ago, Eryn gave birth to a baby girl they named Madeline Grace Marciano.

What kind of underwear does Rob Marciano prefer? His Twitter followers occasionally ask him the question but he hasn’t provided any answer to date (that we know of anyway). Maybe he’s not answering the question because he’s a long johns underwear kind of guy? Hehe.

Anyhoo, here’s another shirtless photo of Rob.

rob marciano shirtless 2013

With some friends at the beach.


Rob Marciano Shirtless, Underwear, & the Is He Gay Question. Posted 3 June 2013. Updated 22 July 2016.