Rob Lowe Underwear Photos: Briefs, Boxers, Jockstraps

Rob Lowe Underwear Photos: Briefs, Boxers, Jockstraps. Did Rob Lowe steal The One Ring from Bilbo Baggins? We ask because he, like Bilbo Baggins, would be described by the hobbits of Hobbiton as “well-preserved”. No wonder the girls of The Talk keep talking about how youthful he looks when he recently guested on the CBS morning show.

rob lowe vanity fair - 2011

Seriously, can you imagine looking as good as Rob in the pics above and below when you are 46 yeas old (he’s 48 now but the photos were taken two years ago)?

rob lowe older - shirtless - wet suit

Let’s include him in our Hot Men in Their 40s, shall we? What’s his secret for remaining hawt after all these years? Now, since our goal this week is to blog about male celebrity underwear, let’s check out Rob’s underwear pics, okay?

Rob looks comfortable in a pair of boxer shorts in the still photo from his 1988 movie, Masquerade, a mystery thriller. Want more men in boxers underwear?

rob lowe boxers

Masquerade paired Rob Lowe with Kim Cattrall. Now, here’s our Rob in a pair of jockstraps, a still photo from the 1986 movie, Youngblood.

rob lowe jockstrap underwear2

Is Rob Lowe a male cross-dresser? What is he doing wearing a bra and a pair of women’s panties? Nah, he’s no cross-dresser in real life. He’s just wearing these outfits for one of his very first movies, Class, about the friendship between two college roommates and the pranks they played on each other.

rob lowe underwear for women

For those of you wondering, the guy in school uniform is Andrew McCarthy. See more men wearing women’s underwear.

rob lowe in womens underwear - bra and panties

Not surprisingly, Rob and his lingerie made it to the papers — the pin-up section at that.

rob lowe underwear - magazine

Young Rob Lowe. Here are some photos of Rob as a youngling. That’s a word right? If it’s not, it should be!!! Come on Uncle Webster.

young rob lowe in short shorts

In a pair of boxer shorts.

rob lowe boxer shorts underwear

Damn. He really is a beautiful man isn’t he? And, as we mentioned above, he’s managed to keep himself in pretty good shape. Good for you, Mr. Lowe!

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