Rob Kardashian Shirtless, Underwear, Weight Gain and Weight Loss

Rob Kardashian Shirtless, Underwear, Weight Gain and Weight Loss. We once had several posts on our favorite Kardashian but for some reason we still can’t fathom, they simply just disappeared. We’re still trying to find out what happened but the closest explanation could be that we lost them when we moved to another host. But then again, maybe we mistakenly deleted them while enjoying a drink or two? Who knows.

Thankfully, the photos were not deleted from our library so we are republishing them here. Mostly, these photos are from around ten years ago when Rob was fun-loving and kinda innocent and unburdened by the worries of the world.

If you are a fan of the guy, we hope these throwback photos help remind you of a happy Rob but also of a world that is not being ravaged by a virus and a time when the United States had a competent leader and not the orange idiot who now resides in the White House.

rob kardashian weight gain

Rob gets himself a tattoo.

rob kardashian weight loss

The photos below are probably our favorite images of Rob. The white muscle shirt and basketball shorts suit him really nicely, his body looks great, and he just looks oh-so-cute like an innocent school boy.

rob kardashian hot

With ex-girlfriend Adrienne Bailon during happier times.

rob kardashian shirtless

Rob posing a-la Tyra Banks in a pair of Polo Ralph Lauren boxer briefs underwear. Does he pass Tyra’s test of smiling with your eyes?

rob kardashian underwear model

He sure loves him Polo Ralph Lauren undies, doesn’t he?

rob kardashian underwear bulge

Awww, Rob. Please remain as the sweet and wholesome guy of the Kardashian Jenner clan.

rob kardashian underwear

Update: We wrote the above post before we googled to see what Rob is doing these days and we are happy to note that he, according to reports, reconnected with his sisters and that he has lost weight. Good for him! We hope he recovers his fit fighting form like in the photos where he is wearing muscle shirts above. Go, Rob, go!

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