Rick Edwards Shirtless, Wedding, British TV Presenter

Rick Edwards Shirtless, Wedding, British TV Presenter. We blogged about Rick Edwards in our post on Shirtless British Presenters but he expanded his TV-hosting gigs to the good old US of A which gives us an excuse to, once again, ogle at his handsomeness.

rick edwards courtship on peacock

Now, what hosting job did our Ricky do in the Land of Guns and Look-at-me Evangelical “Christians” aka the United States? Well, he hosted a show called The Courtship which was supposed to air on NBC but which was moved to the USA Network because of bad ratings. It’s no fault of Ricky, of course, but it would have been cool if he was on prime-time TV, no?

rick edwards hot in suit

Rick Edwards Young. Here are some photos of the now-fortysomething presenter when he was younger. Want more of him? Check out his Instagram account @rickedwards1.

rick edwards gay or straight

rick edwards hot tv presenter

rick edwards young

Rick Edwards Gay or Straight? He is straight and married to wife Emer Kenny. Here’s a pic when they walked down the aisle in 2016. Emer is a writer and actress who has starred in Eastenders and Father Brown.

rick edwards wedding

rick edwards wife Emer Kenny wedding

He’s a pretty boy who looks good on camera but he’s also got a voice for radio which is why he’s done several gigs as a radio host such as BBC Radio 5 Live where he’s got to chill with Daniel Radcliffe.

rick edwards BBC Radio 5 Live with daniel radcliffe

Rick Edwards Shirtless Pics. Check him out chillin’ in a pool somewhere in…. hmmmm, maybe northern Africa or the Middle East… or maybe Spain? Do they have palm trees in Spain?

rick edwards shirtless the courtship tv host

The next one is from when he posed nekkid for Cosmo Magazine to increase awareness for male cancer. Unfortunately, we had to crop the pic because we don’t want to catch the ire of Grandma Akita. Hehe. Anyhoo, as we were saying, our hunky model/presenter posed for Cosmo Mag but, unfortunately, the magazine appears to have discontinued the practice of getting hot male celebrities as centerfold models.

rick edwards shirtless body

By the by, did you know that British Rick has an American namesake who’s also pretty famous? American Ricky is from Massachusetts and is a male supermodel who successfully crossed over to the world of acting. He starred in the TV series Santa Barbara as well as in twelve other TV shows and movies. Here are some photos of the dude who, as you might notice, is built like a Greek god. Whattahunk!

rick edwards shirtless - actor - santa barbara

body hair men - Rick Edwards - college rowing team star - model actor in Santa Barbara

Oh wait, we have pics of American Rick rocking his Speedos too! Yay!

rick edwards swim shorts

rick edwards underwear speedo

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