Richard Catral Rachel Tiongson Boyfriend: Chavit Singson VAW Case

Richard Catral Rachel Tiongson Boyfriend: Chavit Singson VAW Case. First of all, we’d like to say that we are with Team Rachel on this one. There is no excuse for whipping a woman, especially if she is the mother of your children, with latigo. So we are with Rachel in her domestic violence and violence against women case against Chavit Singson.

Second of all, ang cute ng boyfriend ni Rachel ano? You can understand kung bakit insecure si Chavit sa kanya. Macho, eh. What we don’t understand is why Chavit (and he admitted this in his TV interviews) would have this guy’s underwear removed and had the guy’s pictures taken while he’s naked. Seriously, why? Dahil gusto niyang tignan ang ano ng lalaki? Ano ba yan, Chavit? Ano ka, ghey?

It’s fun to imagine Gloria Arroyo’s deputy national adviser looking at photos of the dick of another man. Kind of creepy.

Anyhoo, here’s an ABS-CBN report on this scandal:


Tiongson said the former Ilocos Sur governor even beat her with a whip during the incident. She showed ABS-CBN photos of her badly-bruised face and arms.

She said the 68-year old Singson barged into her rented apartment while she was having dinner with her boyfriend on August 22.

“Biglang may pumasok…na-shock talaga ako. Tapos biglang nilapitan niya kaagad ako, may dala-dala siyang parang latigo ba yon? Bigla na lang niya akong hinampas sa ulo,” she narrated.

She also said that her boyfriend was forcibly undressed, beaten up, and tortured by Singson’s bodyguards.

Tiongson said she escaped further beating by climbing over her apartment’s balcony and jumping into her neighbor’s house. She was later taken by a friend to a nearby hospital for treatment of her wounds.

The incident prompted her to press charges against Singson. A Quezon City court has already issued a temporary protection order and a subpoena against the former Ilocos Sur governor.

Tiongson said she finds nothing wrong with having a boyfriend because she and Singson already separated in November last year.

“Ang akin kasi, bakit ko naman sasabihin sa kanya [na may boyfriend ako] kung wala na kami…Naging discreet naman ako. Hindi naman kami lantaran,” she said.

She said she broke off with Singson because of his relationships with other women, some as young as their teenage children.

“Akala ko talaga na ako lang ang babae sa buhay niya. ‘Yung mga ilang years na nagsasama kami, may mga lumabas na kasing edad ng anak ko na may anak rin. Naitago niya ng hindi ko alam,” she said.

Tiongson said she first met Singson at the age of 18 when she was just a college student in Manila.

NOTE: Photos deleted upon request of involved parties. Apologies.

Richard Catral Rachel Tiongson Boyfriend: Chavit Singson VAW Case. Posted 8 September 2009.