Richard Blanco Boyfriend Mark Neveu, Shirtless, Obama Poet is a Hunk

Richard Blanco Boyfriend Mark Neveu, Shirtless, Obama Poet is a Hunk. Everybody is talking about Richard Blanco. With good reason too. The 40-something Cuban poet has been named as the inaugural poet for the second inauguration of President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden.


Says the President in a White House media release announcing the historical pick: “I’m honored that Richard Blanco will join me and Vice President Biden at our second Inaugural. His contributions to the fields of poetry and the arts have already paved a path forward for future generations of writers. Richard’s writing will be wonderfully fitting for an Inaugural that will celebrate the strength of the American people and our nation’s great diversity.”

For his part, our Cuban hunk had this to say about his designation as the Obama second inauguration poet: “I’m beside myself, bestowed with this great honor, brimming over with excitement, awe, and gratitude. In many ways, this is the very ‘stuff’ of the American Dream, which underlies so much of my work and my life’s story—America’s story, really. I am thrilled by the thought of coming together during this great occasion to celebrate our country and its people through the power of poetry.”

Congratulations, Mr. Blanco!

Now, according to Time Magazine, Richard is not your typical Cuban American.

The Time reports: “Blanco, 44, is not your father’s Cuban exile. He was conceived in Cuba, born in Spain after his parents bolted Fidel Castro’s revolution and brought to Miami as an infant. But while his work certainly pays homage to his family’s immigrant trials and triumphs, it views the more conservative, hard-line exile cohort of his parents’ generation — the diehards who brought us the 2000 Elián González fiasco, which caused so much Cuban-American soul-searching — with a skeptical eye.”

Neither is he your stereotypical poet. Poets, after all, are usually thought of as emo-like, long-haired, bad-teethed, unwashed couldn’t care less about their looks kind of guys.

Nope, our Richard is a hunky hunk hunk as you can see in his pic below (courtesy of

richard blanco shirtless cuban hunk

We love his bulging biceps and all. He must have been working out.

richard blanco boyfriend

Now, we here at Famewatcher are kinda shallow people so the first thing that came to mind when we saw the pic above is, “Hot damn! Wowzaaa! Does he have shirtless photos we can ogle at?” Unfortunately for us and for you “shirtless men” fans, we can’t find any shirtless Richard Blanco pics on the internetz. Now that he is a public figure, we hope some enterprising papz will snap a shirtless photo of Richard when he goes to the beach with his boyfriend. [Deena says: Ehhh, o we really wish that kind of invasion of privacy on someone? Pim says: On second thoughts, maybe not, scrap that idea.]

Richard Blanco Boyfriend. Did we say Richard’s got a boyfriend/partner? Yes he does. According to the Sun Sentinel his name is Mark Neveu. The two met in Connecticut where Richard moved to teach at the Central Connecticut State University. Says a source quoted by the paper: “They met at the gym and smiled at each other. They felt each other’s energy.”

Aww. How cute is that? Want more hot men in their forties?

2020 Update: Apparently, we did not include photos of Richard and his beau so we are updating this post to bring you some. Here’s Richard and Mark with Mark’s mom, Carol Neveu, during some poetry reading in Syracuse (photo from

richard blanco mark neveu with marks mom

And here’s Richard and Mark at the US Capitol:

richard blanco boyfriend partner mark neveu

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