Reggie Yates Girlfriend: Tia Ward – Photos

Reggie Yates Girlfriend: Tia Ward – Photos. Does Reggie Yates have a girlfriend? Yes, he does. Her name is Tia Ward and she is supposedly a model. What kind of modeling does she do? Beats us! There are models and there are models and there are “models”.

We thought we’d find her profile in, the most respectable and most comprehensive directory of models, but she ain’t listed there.

reggie yates girlfriend tia ward

But then again, Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend Irina Shayk wasn’t also in said directory list a few years back. Nor was she in anyone’s radar. But look at her now — she’s currently the #13 Top Model in which, to us, is a supermodel standard.

Clearly, Irina’s relationship with the Portuguese football star has done wonders for her modeling career. Do you think the same thing will happen to Tia Ward? Will she get a career boost from dating Reggie Yates?

reggie yates girlfriend dating tia ward

We hope she does. After all, she’s model-pretty and she’s got bee-stung lips a-la Angelina Jolie. But she does need to lose some cellulite because they are pretty obvious in the photo below.

Better yet, she should know the clothes to wear that would a) highlight her physical assets and b) hide her less-than-flattering flaws.

reggie yates girlfriend tia

She’s a model.

She should have known that her Daisy Duke short shorts will invite attention to her legs. As it happens, we are not the first ones to notice the cellulite. From random commenters on The Daily Mail:

  • She’s good looking but would even look better if she was hiding that cellulite…
  • If she couldn’t be bothered to check her attire before she left the house, Reggie could have. A real man would have pointed out the wardrobe malfunction and never allowed anyone that he cared about to leave the house with flesh hanging out the sides. I am not impressed.
  • I am 43 and do not have cellulite like this! If she is a ‘model’ she should look after her figure and diet- its not about being skinny but being healthy! Cellulite is a product of junk food and lack of exercise, and in someone so young its bad news. As for all the Twitter pics..she clearly thinks herself more attractive than she actually is.

So there. That’s modeling at the age of the internet and ANTM where everyone is an informed critic.

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Reggie Yates Girlfriend: Tia Ward – Photos of the Lovebirds. Posted 3 September 2012.