Rege-Jean Page Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend

Rege-Jean Page Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend. Who’s the hot guy chillin’ in the pool by his lonesome?

His name, fellow Famewatcher, is Rege-Jean Page. You’d know him already if you watched the short-lived ABC legal drama, For the People, where he played one of the main characters.

Those who don’t know him yet will have a chance to discover the hunky guy in Bridgerton, an upcoming Netflix television series which is probably the most anticipated show this year for fans of historical romance dramas.

Rege-Jean Page body in swimming pool

On Bridgerton, our Zimbabwe-born British actor, will be playing Simon Basset aka the Duke of Hastings who, to quote, “finds himself the primary topic of conversation amongst marriage-minded misses and ambitious mamas alike. Yet, for reasons of his own, our devastating Duke has zero interest in his title, society, or taking a wife.”

Whoa, intriguing ain’t it? Why does the Duke not like to take a wife? Does he love the single life so much such that he’s not willing to give up his skirt-chasin’ days? Or maybe he is more of a husband taker?

Some of you may already know the answer because the Netflix drama is actually based on a series of novels written by Julia Quinn which. We haven’t read the books so we are looking forward to discovering the story they tell along with other non-readers.

Regé-Jean Page body

Including Bridgerton, Rege-Jean currently has a total of 15 acting credits to his name on IMDB. One such acting gig, as mentioned above, is the ABC show For the People where he played the role of lawyer Leonard Knox. Unfortunately, the show was cancelled after only two seasons.

Regé-Jean Page hot in suit

Regé-Jean Page hot black Bridgerton as Simon Basset

Regé-Jean Page hot black man

As in the case of many British actors, our gorgeous hunk also did theater work. Here’s a pic of him as Solanio in the 2015 Globe Theatre production of Merchant of Venice.

Regé-Jean Page merchant of venice solanio

Rege-Jean Page Shirtless and Underwear Photos. Some shirtless photos of our hunky actor for the thirsty THOTs among us.

Regé-Jean Page shirtless body

Regé-Jean Page shirtless for the people2

Next pic below is courtesy of

Regé-Jean Page shirtless model

And we grabbed the next photo from his Instagram which you might want to follow @regejean.

Rege-Jean Page gay or straight - insta regejean

The only underwear photo we can find of the actor.

Regé-Jean Page underwear

Rege-Jean Page Gay or Straight? Girlfriend or Boyfriend? We have no information on these at this time but, as we usually do here on Famewatcher, we will update this post ASAP once we have the answers.

Rege-Jean Page Ethnic Background. He is mixed race. In an interview with, he talks about growing up as a mixed race kid:

It’s very hard to craft an identity in that environment as a young, mixed raced man. I learned from the age of three that I was a walking political statement. Just by walking around with my face, I was saying, “My parents did a fairly revolutionary thing that pisses off some of you.” You learn that how you act associates you with certain groups. I remember there was a really nice nursery school fairly close to us; my mum took me along and there wasn’t enough room, and then my dad took me along and there was enough room.

Want more hot mixed race men?

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