Red Underwear Briefs For Men Plus Boxers and Jockstraps Too

Red Underwear Briefs For Men. Question: What are the advantages of wearing red underwear? Well, if you’re a dude, it will give you enough confidence to go strut out to the wheat fields. Hehe.

red underwear briefs for men - jason pond

Seriously, red underwear is awesome. And the male model wearing red underwear briefs above looks awesome too. His name is Jason Pond, he’s from Washington state, and he’s got one of the cutest behinds we’ve seen in a while.

jason pond shirtless

But let’s go back to the awesomeness of red underwear briefs, shall we? We’re sure you already know that one of the positive effects of red underwear is that it makes you, the wearer, feel sexy and, how do we say this, randy. Yeah, we’re not joking. It’s been psychologically proven that the color red tends to make people passionate. Red “stimulates a faster heartbeat and breathing” and it is said to “enhance your appetite”. So wonder no more why some restaurants and some hotel rooms (particularly those who cater to lovers and illicit lovers) are colored in various shades of red.

Okay, but let’s do a test, shall we. Let’s ogle at these men in their red underwear and see their effects on us. Let’s begin with this hunky dude in his sexy red boxers underwear. Did he make you go, “Yum….my!” By the way, we’re not sure if this male model is Alan Ritchson of Blue Mountain State (check out his jockstraps).

Speaking of jockstrap underwear, check out this hottie model wearing a red jockstrap? He sure makes us go yum…. my. His name is Alan Valdez. He is a fitness model.

Apparently, American designer Andrew Christian also offers red jockstraps in his underwear line.

Of course, there’s more to red underwear than skimpy revealing jockstraps. There’s red thermal long johns too as you can see in this dude. We think he’ll make a great Santa.

What did we tell you about the positive effects of red underwear? We said you’re gonna go “hot”, right? See these guys releasing the heat with a pillow fight. We’re guessing they chose to do a pillow fight rather than jump in bed and have a you-know-what. Hehe. In case you are wondering, the pillow-fighting guys are: James Guardino, Paul Marron, Oraine Barrett, Alex Prinz, and Carlo Romero.

Now, we don’t know the names of the following hunks in red underwear but they’re good to ogle at so let’s publish them.

Red Armani striped boxer briefs for men.

Bonds underwear, which this male runway model is wearing, is the underwear of choice for James Bond. Nah, not really. We make that up.

A model poses in his red Papi boxer briefs.

Want a hot hairless muscled guy in red boxer shorts underwear?

Red Underwear Briefs For Men Plus Boxers and Jockstraps Too. Posted 1 June 2011. Updated 1 June 2017.