Kelly Osbourne’s Red Dress: NY Fashion Week

Blonde girl Kelly Osbourne rocks her red dress at the New York Fashion Week – Fashion for Relief benefit show. We gotta give Kelly a lot of props for transforming herself from a fattie not too long ago to the hottie that she is presently. It takes a lot of will and hard work to do that and Kelly, who’s in great shape these days, obviously worked hard to achieve the sexy figure she has now. Way to go, Kelly.

Now, is that a skull tattoo on her feet? What do you think will Sharon Osbourne say about that? Well, we think Sharon is a supportive mom so we think she’ll be okay with it.

Let’s have more Kelly Osbourne red dresses. Here’s our girl with mom Sharon during a garden party for LA Gay Pride hosted by Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.

Kelly at the Golden Globes Young Hollywood party held somewhere in West Hollywood.

So which of these red dresses is your favorite? Which would you see yourself wearing? We like the last one the best and we see ourselves wearing something like it one of these days.

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