Raymond Lee Shirtless, Girlfriend, Style Watch

Raymond Lee Shirtless, Girlfriend, Style Watch. Who’s the guy with six pack abs and how did he get a perfectly sculpted body like that? Well, clueless Famewatcher, he’s name is Raymond Lee. He’s an actor who currently stars in the hit TV series Kevin Can F Himself.

raymond lee hot body

How did he get them body? By working out, of course! What? You think he just asked God (whatever you conceive God to be) for a perfectly sculpted washboard abs and God poured it on him? Nah, you gotta get off the couch and work out in the gym to look like that. Hehe.

raymond lee shirtless body in hbo show here and now

raymond lee shirtless hunk

raymond lee shirtless in here and now

Anyhoo, as mentioned, Raymond is currently starring in the AMC show Kevin Can F Himself which we initially did not pay attention to until Deena called our attention to it. She says its worth the watch and that its a really good show. When we checked on Rotten Tomatoes, we saw that its got an 80% fresh rating so critics appear to be agreeing with Deena. Well, when we did start watching the series, we agreed with our friend and the critics too. The series is indeed worth watching. So, Famewatchers who haven’t tuned in yet, go check it out on AMC.

raymond lee kevin can f himself

Now, let’s start talking about the hot Asian guy with washboard abs shall we? Is he, for instance, taken? Is he gay or straight? Does he wear boxers or briefs? You know, the silly things we ask about hunky celebrities here on Famewatcher.

Yes he is taken and by taken we mean he is very much married. He is straight. And, no, we don’t know yet whether he wears boxers or briefs. Haha.

The actor is married to wife Stacy Kusumolkul and, based on his Instagram posts (follow him @raymomomo), they have two kids — a boy and a girl. Here’s the couple attending a red carpet event.

raymond lee wife girlfriend Stacy Kusumolkul

And here’s Raymond and Stacy taking their first dance as man and wife when they tied the knot:

raymond lee wedding to wife stacy

Raymond Lee Ethnicity. We had a whole paragraph stating that the American actor is of Korean descent and we cited the Angry Asian Man blog as the source. However, we realized later that the guy in said blog, who’s also in the acting biz, actually goes by Raymond J. Lee. It’s a different dude after all. To complicate things further, there’s also a Filipino guy who’s also in the entertainment biz who goes by the same name. So, anyhoo, we don’t know Raymond without a J’s ethnic background yet but we will update this post when we have the info.

raymond lee suit and tie red carpet

He looks fly in his suit and tie, doesn’t he?

raymond lee hot asian men

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