Ray Ban Olympian Sunglasses: Ben Affleck in Daredevil Movie

Want more famous men wearing Ray Ban sunglasses? “If you want it, we’ll give it to you!” is our Famewatcher motto so here’s Hollywood actor Ben Affleck and his Ray-Ban Olympian sunglasses from his Daredevil movie.

Ray-Ban Olympian sunglasses ben affleck

Does he look badass enough? Nah! He’s chubby in this picture. Looks like he’s been eating more than his fair share of McDonalds burgers.

Ray-Ban Olympian sunglasses daredevil

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More Celebrities Wearing Ray-Ban Olympian Sunglasses
05 October 2011

Hah! Turns out that Ben Affleck isn’t the only one who wore a pair of RayBan Olympian sunglasses in his movie. In fact, he’s not the first one to do it. We think the “first” honor goes to Peter Fonda who wore this RayBan Olympian Deluxe sunglasses in his 1969 movie, Easy Rider.

By the way, we thought all along that Peter is Jane Fonda’s father but it turns out that he is her brother. And he’s actually younger than her. How stupid are we? Haha. The father of Peter and Jane is, of course, Henry Fonda who almost completed his EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony) Awards Collection: He got an Best Actor Oscar for On Golden Pond, a Best Spoken Word Grammy Award in 1977 for Great American Documents, and a Best Actor Tony Award for Mister Roberts. He failed to bag an Emmy but he’s nominated twice.

Ray-Ban Olympian sunglasses peter fonda

Oscar-winning actor Nicolas Cage also wore a pair of RayBan Olympian sunglasses in a movie he starred in with former squeeze Laura Dern.

Ray-Ban Olympian sunglasses nicolas cage

Do you know any other Hollywood celebrity who wore RayBan Olympian sunglasses?