Rav Wilding Shirtless and Underwear Photos

Rav Wilding Shirtless. We should have included Rav in our post on Shirtless British TV Presenters but it is better late than never, right? The guy is every inch a hunk so its no surprise why Heat Magazine loves him and his torso. Hehe.

Rav Wilding shirtless - british tv presenter

Rav should look good in a pair of Speedo swimsuit which is why the producers of the reality diving competition, Splash!, wisely cast him for the show. Sadly a diving accident during practice prevented his participation so there ain’t no photos of him diving in skimpy swimtrunks. What a bummer.

rav wilding sexy hunk - calvin klein underwear

But the important thing is that Rav recovered from the injury and received a payout from ITV for the injury he suffered. More about this from the Mirror:

TV host Rav Wilding has been given a five-figure payout over a freak accident on Splash! that left him dangerously ill. The former Crimewatch and Strictly star claimed against loss of earnings after ending with a blood clot on a lung.

Rav, 36, had to quit the second series of Olympic star Tom Daley’s ITV show when he injured a leg in a training accident. He was diagnosed with hamstring avulsion – when part of the tendon snaps away from the pelvis – and needed surgery just before Christmas.

We hope this settlement does not preclude Rav from participate in future editions of the diving show should there be any. It’s obvious that we really really want him to see him diving in his Speedos, no? Haha. We are pretty sure we’re not the only ones. Admit it folks, who wouldn’t want to see the former soldier who became a police officer who then became a successful TV presenter twisting and turning in his Speedos? It would be fun to watch!

Anyhoo, Rav is engaged to Loose Women producer Jill Morgan, here’s a picture of the lovebirds during a vacation in Jamaica. [Photo courtesy of Rav via the Daily Mail.]

rav wilding swim shorts - with fiancee ITV Loose Women producer Jill Morgan

We love you Rav but you need a better swimwear. That outfit you are wearing is just atrocious. Haha.