Rafael Silva Gay in Real Life, Shirtless, Uniform Photos

Rafael Silva Gay in Real Life, Shirtless, Uniform Photos. Today in Hot Men in Uniform, we bring you Brazilian hunk Rafael Silva who is playing a gay Latino cop on the new Ryan Murphy show, 9-11 Lone Star, on Fox TV.

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Though the show only started airing last month, it has already amassed legions of fans on the interwebs because of the romantic story line involving Rafael’s character, Carlos Reyes, and the firefighter played by Ronen Rubinstein (TK Strand).

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So who is Rafael Silva? Well, he is an actor who is originally from Brazil but he is now based in the good old U.S. of A. Here are some things we learned about him when he, along with Ronen, held a live Instagram Q&A session:

  • He has done some acting in the past but this is his first big show so he has never experienced anything like this. His first day of shooting for 9-1-1 Lone Star was with Liv Tyler so he was thrilled because he remembers watching her in Lord of the Rings when he was a child.
  • He says that he manages to keep his feet on the ground by focusing on his work.
  • When asked whether there are TV characters that helped shaped him as he was growing up, Rafael responds that he didn’t watch a lot of TV as a kid. He comes from a family of farmers so he spent most of his time outdoors.

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  • Asked how he prepared for his role as a cop, Rafael shared that there was only a week between when he booked the job and when he started shooting for the show so the schedule did not afford him an opportunity to do some police ride-alongs. However, he did train with a police officer who taught him how to shoot. He also went through various scenario-building and this gave him the sense on how to think like a cop. Training also involved reading the police manual as well as books on the history of Texas, Latinos and Mexicans of Texas, and the history of Native Americans in the state. He also watched training videos by the Austin police department.

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  • His favorite scenes would be where the character risks something or when they reveal something about themselves. Specifically the police station scene where Carlos placed himself on the line for TK even though he got rejected. He shares that he kinda forgot that the cameras were there until they yelled “Cut”.
  • Apparently, the police station scene was a part of his chemistry read with co-star Ronen Rubinstein and it got so emotional that it affected him so much so that he immediately went to the restroom and bawled his eyes out because it felt so real. Also, the part where Carlos wipes the blood off TK’s face was not originally on the script but was a spontaneous act by Rafael during their chemistry read.

tk and carlos - intimate police station scene - wiping his face

  • He loves working and shooting scenes with Ronen because he knows he can throw anything at his co-star and it will be welcomed. He adds that there’s also a lot of fun, a lot of silliness on the set too.

Another thing you might want to know about Rafael which we learned from his Instagram page is that he is actually into martial arts and has bagged a Brazilian jiujitsu medal from a tournament.

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Rafael Silva Shirtless Photos. For those of you looking for a shirtless pic of our Brazilian hunk. These images are screencapped from the show.

tarlos love scenes - rafael silva ronen rubinstein

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Rafael Silva Gay in Real Life? Does He have a Girlfriend? We do not know but we hope to update this post in the future once we do have the answers.

However, a Youtube commenter who goes by the handle of ChthonicRemains claims that Rafael has a husband in real life. Here’s what the commenter wrote:

There was an instagram livestream with the cast sans Rafael a couple of weeks ago and Natacha Karam, the actress for Marjan, mentioned that Rafael was at home with his husband when someone asked where Rafael was. In this livestream, you can actually see his husband in the comments section supporting him.

We’re still looking for that livestream to confirm if the above commenter is correct. For the time being, we’re putting the information shared in the unverified rumor category. Let us end this post with the GIF version of Rafael’s shirtless pics shall we?

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