Rachael Ray FHM Model: Domestic Diva is an FHM Cover Girl

Rachael Ray FHM Model: Domestic Diva as FHM Cover Girl. Look who’s got herself in FHM Magazine who also got herself in trouble with her mom? It’s domestic diva Rachael Ray, that’s who. Her mom might be angry with her for doing this photoshoot but Rachael’s husband liked it. We likes them too, Rachael.

rachael ray fhm model

Who says domestic divas like Rachael Ray cannot be an FHM cover girl? Certainly not Rachael herself and certainly not the people behind FHM! So we thank both Rachael and the FHM powers-that-be for these fabulous Rachael Ray FHM modeling pics.

rachael ray fhm model - cover girl2

If you want to know the back story behind this shoot, here’s Rachael giving us some details on how she ended up modeling for the men’s mag (via ABC):

Cynthia: All right, I have to ask you about those pictures.
Rachael: Bring it! First of all, when F-H-M called, I thought it was food and home. I didn’t even know what F-H-M was. And I mean I got the request from the P-R person.

Cynthia: I mean, I would be like oh, that’s-
Rachael: The P-R person at Food Network said we actually have an unusual request from F-H-M magazine. And I thought about it-I think I was thirty-five at the time. Thirty-four or thirty five. And I thought about it for a while, and I said, you know what? This magazine has as young as seventeen, eighteen-year-olds in hottie bikinis, and these are all actresses, models, pin-up girls. I don’t belong to any, even remote, club of theirs. And I thought if I’m gutsy enough to do this, this is a good thing for everybody. This is the everywoman, here she is. And I thought, what the heck? I asked my husband what he thought of it and he said, [giggles] oh, kinda cool. And I did it and it was the most scared I’ve ever been and I wouldn’t change a thing. I’d do it again tomorrow.

Cynthia: Now I heard your mother told you not to do it.
Rachael: My mother was furious. Remains furious. You don’t have to do that kind of trash, you don’t need to sell yourself that way, blah blah blah. I was proud of it. And I would do it again, even though my mom would be really mad at me. I know she still loves me.

Cynthia: So no regrets. You sound like a-
Rachael: Not for a heart-not for a minute.

So there you have it. You now have the backstory on these fabulous Rachael Ray FHM cover girl photos.