Prince William Speedo – Water Polo Jock – University of St Andrews

Prince William Speedo – Water Polo Jock – University of St Andrews. Is this the first time we, commoners of the world, are seeing a future king wearing a Speedo swimsuit? It must be, no? We still haven’t come across a photo like this. But if you have a photo of a future king, any future king, in his Speedos (or in his undies), then do send it to us so we will include it in our Royalty Watch.

prince william speedo jock - water polo athlete

So what do you think of Prince William in his Speedo? Awesome? Good? Or meh? The cut isn’t very flattering, no? But we’re sure that’s the least of his worries. The dude might be quite busy preparing for his wedding to the future queen, Kate Middleton. What, that’s still in 2012? That’s a lot of waiting for us royal watchers but, as our grandma used to say, good things await those who are patient.

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UPDATE: What You Are Googling About Prince William (posted: 29 June 2011). This update is meant to answer one of your Google queries about Prince William who, we’re happy to note, got married this year and not 2012 as earlier reported. Amidst typical queries such as “Prince William underwear” or “Prince William bathing suit” or “prince william and harry in swimsuits” or “king of the male celebs”, we found this gem of a question which goes: Is Prince William Cut or Uncut.

Haha. Unfortunately, we do not know about that one. We’d like to think that nobody outside of Duchess Kate, Prince William’s doctor, and the Prince himself can answer the question on whether he’s cut or uncut.

But considering that he’s British and considering further that circumcision is not prevalent in the U.K. (only 6% of men who are neither Jews nor Muslims are circumcised according to an estimate by the World Health Organization), it is very very likely that the future king is uncut. Which is fitting because can you imagine the head of a King without his Crown? What do you think?

Prince William Speedo Update. We are updating this post to bring you more Prince William Speedo photos. As some of you may already know the Duke of Cambridge used to play water polo for his university team.

prince william water polo athlete university of st andrews

He represented the University of St. Andrews in inter-university competitions. These photos are taken during such competitions.

prince william speedo hunk

prince william playing water polo

prince william speedo university of st andrews

prince william water polo speedo hunk

Prince William Speedo – Water Polo Jock – University of St Andrews. Posted 5 October 2009. Updated 16 May 2017.