Hot Guys in Uniform: Prince Harry, Royal Hunk

prince harry military uniform - camouflage

Hot Royal in Uniform: Prince Harry (first posted 23 October 2009). Would you agree that Prince Harry becoming a military dude has upped the hotness of men in uniform? Seriously, check out these photos of Harry in his various military uniforms. He may have had a challenging time becoming a soldier (he failed his first pilot qualifying exam for instance and he had to run nekkid in some runway as a rite of passage) but you gotta admit that he looks awesome in his military get-ups.

Prince Harry Smoking Cigarettes Is Still Smoking Hot

The smoking Prince Harry. This is a photo that cigarette companies will definitely love to see. Hello, cancer-producing Philip Morris! It’s also a photo that anti-smoking activists hate to see. We won’t be surprised if they take the Prince to task for smoking and for getting caught in public doing it.