Prince Grootboom Shirtless, Girlfriend, Fatal Seduction

Prince Grootboom Shirtless, Girlfriend, Fatal Seduction. Did we just see the birth of a great actor in the South African Netflix romantic drama Fatal Seduction? We ask because this is, apparently, his very first acting gig but he’s done a really good job. We are referring, of course, to Prince Brootboom who plays the role of Jacob on the TV series which continues to make it to the top ten list of the most watched shows on Netflix.

Continuing to land in the top ten is quite a feat considering that the show’s been out for five weeks now and it is listed in the more competitive English-speaking section.

Prince Grootboom shirtless - fatal seduction

Before he became an actor, our gorgeous South African hunk was more of a dancer which makes him a double threat in the entertainment world. An actor who can legit dance? That’s a pretty good combination. Not a lot of actors can claim that they can dance and not a lot of dancers can act (we’re looking at you Derek Hough) but Prince sure is proving to be talented in both fronts.

Prince Grootboom instagram prince_beez

Anyhoo, in an interview with, Prince had this to say about the character he plays in Fatal Seduction: “Jacob is a 24-year-old revenge-driven guy. He’s on a mission to avenge his father for something that happened in the past (no spoilers!). I call him a chameleon, he fits in anywhere to get what he needs. He’s an artist who plans and takes his time with everything that he wants. However, all of his plans get completely derailed when he meets Nandi. He falls in love with her and this just turns his whole world upside down.”

You should check it out. But you should watch it on your own or with a partner but never with your parents, or your kids, or your friends, or your boss because its gonna get very steamy. Hehe.

Prince Grootboom Shirtless and Underwear Photos. As usual, here’s the section for the thirsty Famewatchers among us. Some of these images are screencapped from the show, others we grabbed from his Instagram account which you might want to follow @prince_beez.

Prince Grootboom body no shirt

Prince Grootboom model

Prince Grootboom dancer - shirtless body

Prince Grootboom shirtless south african hunk

Prince Grootboom underwear in fatal seduction2

Prince Grootboom shirtless

Prince Grootboom underwear in fatal seduction

Prince Grootboom Gay or Straight? Girlfriend or Boyfriend? He is straight but we do not know if he is seeing anyone at the moment. We will update this post when we have the info on his relationship status. For the time being here’s a pic of him and his Fatal Seduction onscreen lover:

Prince Grootboom girlfriend

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