Cristiano Ronaldo Speedo, Tighty Whitie, Shirtless Natural Tan

Cristiano Ronaldo Speedo, Tighty Whitie, Shirtless Natural Tan. (This is a decade in review throwback post, it was originally published 24 February 2009). Girlfriend stealer Cristiano Ronaldo looks fantastic in Speedos, eh? It’s been said by lots of people that men should never wear Speedos but we submit that there are exemptions to this rule. In fact, Cristiano should be made to always, yes always, look like this.

cristiano ronaldo speedo bulge

Hot damn. Please tell us we are not the only ones thinking that the Portuguese soccer star caught all the gifts when God sprinkled them down from heaven. How can ordinary guys go head to head with him, no?

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Cristiano Ronaldo’s Gucci Leather Jackets: Bomber & Vintage

Cristiano Ronaldo Leather Jacket by Gucci. What brand of leather jacket does Cristiano Ronaldo like to wear? Well, he’s wearing a Gucci bomber leather jacket in these pics. But we’re pretty sure he’s not an exclusive Gucci wearer and that he also goes for other luxury labels. With all the money he makes as one of the highest paid (if not THE highest paid) footballers in the world, he sure can afford to have a houseful of all leather jacket brands in the world.

cristiano ronaldo leather jacket by gucci

Ahh, the life of the rich and famous! We kinda want and do not want it at the same time. The good thing is you’ve got fans who adore you. On the other hand, you can’t walk around town without some oglers.

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Cristiano Ronaldo Gay Boyfriend Badr Hari?

Cristiano Ronaldo Gay Boyfriend?. Our imaginary Portuguese beau is in the headlines once again because, instead of playing football, he reportedly spends a lot of time cuddling with MMA fighter Badr Hari.

Not surprisingly, media peepz are now “ID”ing Badr as the Cristiano Ronaldo gay boyfriend that we’ve all been wondering about. Here’s a photo of Cristiano with his Dutch-Moroccan BFF (boyfriend forever?).

cristiano ronaldo gay boyfriend - Badr Hari

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Cristiano Ronaldo Gay Proof: Rihanna Says So?

Cristiano Ronaldo Gay Proof. We are updating this post because, apparently, the Great Rihanna has confirmed that the Great Portuguese Footballer is not only a friend of hers but also a friend of Dorothy.

If Rihanna says so, who are we to doubt her, no? Her word is good enough proof for us that our Cristiano is into dudes. However, since he also appears to also love him his gorgeous female models, we are gonna say that he is at least bi.

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Hot Portuguese Olympians: Fernando Pimenta and Emanuel Silva

Hot Portuguese Olympians: Fernando Pimenta and Emanuel Silva. Who are the hottest Portuguese athletes in the recent London 2012 Olympic Games. Don’t say Cristiano Ronaldo because he and his fellow footballers were a no-show at the Olympics because their team didn’t qualify.

No, the distinction of being the hottest Portuguese athletes in London goes to canoers (or is it canoeists?) Fernando Pimenta and Emanuel Silva who won the only medal for República Portuguesa.

hot portuguese olympians fernando pimenta emmanuel silva

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Cristiano Ronaldo Armani Underwear Model

Cristiano Ronaldo Armani Underwear Model. Hey, it seems like we Famewatchers and the Armani people are of the same mind. Just a few minutes ago we said that Cristiano Ronaldo is “cooler” than David Beckham because Cristiano has wet underwear photos. We then discovered, while surfing the internets, that the Armani people are hiring Cristiano as the new model for their male underwear line.

Coincidence? No, way! Our mind control powers influenced the Armani decision. Hehehe. Anyhoo, here’s what the papers are reporting about Cristiano becoming the next Armani underwear model.

Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, of Real Madrid, will be the next footballer to model underwear for Emporio Armani, in their spring-summer 2010 collection, replacing AC Milan and England footballer David Beckham, Italian sports daily La Gazetta dello Sport announced on Friday.
The news, which was leaked by sources from both the football and fashion worlds, has still not been made official. According to La Gazzeta, Ronaldo will feature on advertising billboards for Armani’s younger clothes section in all of Europe’s major cities as of February next year.

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