Cristiano Ronaldo Speedo, Tighty Whitie, Shirtless Natural Tan

cristiano ronaldo speedo bulge

Cristiano Ronaldo Speedo, Tighty Whitie, Shirtless Natural Tan. Girlfriend stealer Cristiano Ronaldo looks fantastic in Speedos, eh? It’s been said by lots of people that men should never wear Speedos but we submit that there are exemptions to this rule. In fact, Cristiano should be made to always, yes always, look like this.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Gucci Leather Jackets: Bomber & Vintage

cristiano ronaldo gucci leather jacket

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Gucci Leather Jackets: Bomber & Vintage. Surely Cristiano Ronaldo loves him his Gucci doesn’t he? If we look closely at his picture below, we can see that aside from the Gucci leather jacket he’s wearing, the football superstar is also wearing a Gucci belt and a pair of Gucci Hi-Top Sneakers. Who’d like to bet that he’s got a pair of tight Gucci briefs underneath them trousers? How expensive are Cristiano’s Guccis? The Gucci Vintage Bomber Brown Leather Jacket reportedly costs $3,775, his belt is worth $295, while his shoes is $670.

Hot Wet Men: Football Players in Shorts Edition

hot wet men - football players edition - cristiano ronaldo

Hot Wet Men: Football Players Edition. Cool. Our boy Cristiano Ronaldo is the 2008 FIFA Player of the Year. Good for him. Congratulations, Cristiano. Now, you’ve got more reason to go swimming to the delight of fans who’d like to see you in your wet shorts. Seriously, how awesome is Ronaldo in that sticking wet black shorts? And he’s got a nice-looking dude beside him too.

Cristiano Ronaldo Gay Proof: Rihanna Says So?

cristiano ronaldo gay - flower on hair

Cristiano Ronaldo Gay Proof. Then there are the funny pictures of the Portuguese footballer which sends tongues a-wagging. You know, photos like this one which may mean any of the following: a) he’s gay, b) he’s straight and is pretty secure with his sexuality to be bothered by a flower on his hair, and c) he just loves freaking flowers.