Polish Mens Underwear: Male Models in Cornette Underwear

Polish Mens Underwear Brand: Male Models in Cornette Underwear. Want some men’s underwear from Poland? What about Cornette underwear? Cornette is apparently a Polish company which produces sexy underwear like this camo briefs worn by our unidentified (but really, really hot) male model.

polish mens underwear brand cornette underwear

Since he’s wearing a Polish underwear, we’re going to assume that this dude is a Polish hunk. Yummy. Gives us a very good reason to fly to Poland, no?

Want more sexy men in camo underwear? Check out the super hot Chad White in his sexy camouflage underwear. Now, if you’d rather ogle at more Polish hunks, then go check out footballer Artur Boruc’s shirtless photos.


More Polish Mens Underwear Models. Didn’t we tell you that Polish guys are sexy and hot, hot, hot? Our friend Deena is currently dating a Polish dude (who resembles footballer Artur Boruc a little bit) so she sure knows what we are talking about. Anyhoo, let’s have more Polish male models in skimpy men’s underwear.

polish mens underwear models

Who’s the guy with fabulous abs? We, unfortunately don’t have a name behind the gorgeous abs but we do have a whole body shot so those of you who are more informed on the subject of Polish male models can hopefully ID him in the comments. The photos are by Tomec Tomkiowak for the the latest ad campaign of Cornette Underwear.

And here are some beefy guys modeling Cornette boxers and boxer briefs at the XIV Gala Moda&Styl runway show. Isn’t it cool to see hunky muscled men on the runway? It’s a positive change from the twinky male models the fashion world have been shoveling down our throats since the longest time. Way to go, Poland!

By the way, before you get the false impression that Cornette only makes undies for men, it actually also has a collection for women and children. It’s undies are made of 100% cotton or with some elastane added to make it more sexy and form-fitting.

We’re not sure if the guy below is wearing Cornette Underwear but we’re pretty sure he’s a Polish hunk. His name, fellow underwear-watcher, is Jacek Bilczynski. Photos are by Joanna Kustra for EksMagazine which is a mag for the ladies in Poland.

polish mens underwear jacek bilczynski

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