Plus Size Swimwear for Girls: Candice Huffine Models Gucci Swimsuit

Plus Size Swimwear for Girls: Candice Huffine Models Gucci Swimsuit. Earlier, we brought you jeans for big girls then corsets for curvy girls, now here’s plus size model Candice Huffine looking fabulous in her beautiful Gucci swimsuit. Another pic of Candice, with Michelle Olson. [Update: Sorry, we had to delete some of the photos referred to in this post.]

plus size swimwear for curvy girls gucci

Who says big curvy girls cannot look gorgeous in their swimsuits? Not us here at Famewatcher. And we have Michelle and Candice as pretty good examples to back up our stand that curvy girls also look sexy in their swimwear.

Candice Huffine Modeling Photos Update. This update is for the fans of Candice Huffine who are looking for more of her modeling work. Well, Candice fan, we sure you already know that your idol model made it to the cover of Vogue Italia (June 2011 issue), don’t you? She’s with three other plus size models. Check out the cover shoot.

All we can say is, they’re fabulous, fabulous, and fabulous. We think they’re the first ever plus size models to get the coveted spot of Vogue Italia which, according to our fashionista friend Deena, is sort of like the bible of the fashion industry.

The other girls in the cover are Tara Lynn and Robyn Lawley. We will soon do a post on them because let’s focus on Candice first, shall we? Let’s have more photos of her from their Vogue Italia pictorial. [Photos by Steven Meisel]

Candice also did some editorial modeling work with fellow plus size model Inga Eiriksdottir for a Spanish magazine called Yo Dona. Check out their photos which were taken by Joshua Jordan.

The 5’11 American beauty (we heard that she’s from Maryland) apparently also modeled form Bloomingdale’s according to Here’s Candice looking gorgeous in her plus-size underwear.

Finally, here are some photos of our Candice for Claire France. We must admit that we’re not sure if Claire France is a Canadian womens wear brand or whether it’s just the French Canadian edition of the Marie Claire magazine. Maybe those of you in the know can enlighten us?

Wow. Amazing photos. We love that blue dress photo the best! Oh, did we say that Candice is fabulous, fabulous, and fabulous? We know we did but it we’re gonna repeat because it has to be repeated.

Plus Size Swimwear for Girls: Candice Huffine Models Gucci Swimsuit. Posted 17 January 2010. Updated 2 June 2017.