Playboy Mens Underwear Models: Michele Berlin & Pharanyu Rojnawuttam

Playboy Mens Underwear. Want to expand your underwear choices from the usual Calvin Kleins, or D&G, or the Bjorn Borg underwear? Well, why don’t you get yourself some Playboy mens underwear. You know, like the boxer briefs that Michele Berlin is wearing below.


We’re really pleasantly surprised to know that Playboy has an underwear line for men. And they’re kinda cool too, eh? What kind of Playboy mens underwear do you prefer? Skimpy briefs? Or boxer shorts? Or fit long johns?

Male Underwear Models in Playboy Underwear
15 August 2011

Want more Playboy male models? They’re kind of hard to find because as we very well know Playboy is in the “girl modeling” business rather than in male modeling. But this doesn’t mean that photos of men wearing Playboy underwear do not exist. In fact, we found these pics of a gorgeous Thai guy named Pharanyu Rojnawuttam in Playboy briefs and boxers. The photos are from a magazine shoot of a Thai mag called Volume.

playboy mens underwear - pharanyu - thai model

Really gorgeous guy, no? Sadly, the only information we have of him is that he’s from Thailand. We don’t know whether he’s a full time model or whether he is a celebrity who only models on the side. In fact, we don’t even know whether he’s a full time model at all since a Google search does not bring out any more info about him. Anyhoo, if you know this guy, you might want to tell us more about him in the comments.

Here’s another male model in Playboy underwear. Who is he? Unfortunately, we don’t have his name but if you do you are welcome to ID him in the comments.

Camouflage underwear? Every man we talked to likes them. However, there’s still a debate on the pros and cons of boxers and briefs. Good thing Playboy makes both so those who prefer one over the other will have something.

Another anonymous man in Playboy boxer shorts.

playboy mens underwear - las vegas boxer

Note: Some photos referred to in this post have been moved to the gallery, Male Celebrity Underwear.