Pitbull Rapper: Shirtless, Underwear, Tight Pants – Photos

Pitbull Shirtless Photos. Rapper Pitbull (Armando Christian Pérez) has got himself an honorary college degree so let’s celebrate the occasion by appreciating some of his shirtless and underwear photos. Haha. Are we pervs or what?

pitbull fashion chest hair

Come on now, we’re not the only ones loving us our Pitbull, are we? He doesn’t have the classic good looks of a George Clooney or a Brad Pitt but the guy oozes with sex appeal and exudes masculinity even without trying. Here’s a shirtless Pitbull when he was younger:

shirtless pitbull young

Fashion fail! We love us our Pitbull but them shorts remind us of our grandmama.

pitbull singer shirtless - swim shorts

Aside from his singing/rapping, the 33-year old Cuban hunk is famous for his tight pants. The next photo below is probably our favorite pic of Pitbull. You can tell there’s something huge there he should be proud of. As the saying goes, if you’ve got it you gotta flaunt it. So flaunt it he does and we are not complaining, in fact we’re appreciative of it. Haha.

pitbull rapper fashion tight pants

What kind of underwear does Pitbull like? Looks like he is into boxers/boxer briefs. Check out this screen cap from his music video for Don’t Stop the Party.

pitbull rapper underwear

Another still photo from the vid.

pitbull underwear boxer briefs

Pitbull and his hairy chest.

rapper pitbull sshows chest hair

Why do we like Pitbull? We like him because of this (from Grantland):

When Walmart announced that it would send Pitbull to whatever Walmart location got the most “Likes” on Facebook, Boston Phoenix writer David Thorpe (the same guy behind these horribly funny eighth-grade science fair reviews) began a Twitter mission: Get Kodiak’s Walmart the most “Likes,” get Pitbull to Kodiak.

And it actually worked! To his great credit, Pitbull showed up for his exile and apparently had a fantastic time. Says the AP, “Pitbull received a care package … complete with bear repellent spray and bear bells used by hikers to make noise … Pitbull [also received] a key to the city from Kodiak Mayor Pat Branson, who donned shades to mimic the dapper rapper’s look.

Pitbull tweeted a picture of him holding a child onstage alongside Alutiiq (UH’-loo-tic) dancers and said, ‘Thank U Kodiak … I am honored, truly.’ The rapper, known as ‘Mr. Worldwide,’ told the audience he would put Kodiak into a future song.” Where it gets really good, though, is that David Thorpe was in Kodiak, too. Because Pitbull flew him out there.

How can you not like a celebrity with a great sense of humor and who destroys his enemies but converting them to friends?

Anyhoo, if you want more reasons to like Pitbull, you should listen to this revealing interview with Howard Stern where he talks about his childhood, music career, endorsements, businesses, and many more. Listen:

Howard is a great interviewer but he missed the opportunity to ask the question which he regularly asks his other guests: How long is the rapper hiding down there? Care to venture a guess, Famewatchers?

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