Ten Pinoy Male Underwear Models: Briefs and Boxers Photos

Ten Pinoy Male Underwear Models? What’s not to like about these Filipino male models in their undies? They’re hunky, gorgeous, and good looking! Who of these ten Filipino men in their underwear is your favorite. But before we begin, here are some links to some Pinoy guys in their undies: Bench men’s underwear models, Dingdong Dantes’ underwear, and these photos of the totally gorgeous Rafael Rosell’s underwear. [Update: Sorry, we had to delete some of the photos referred to in this post.]

Okay, let’s now start with our Top Ten Filipino Male Underwear Models. We begin with Victor Basa. Why is he happily dancing in his underwear? To be honest, we don’t know. Your guess would be as good as ours. He must be a natural born dancer because he’s also dancing in his jeans. What’s up with all the dancing, eh Victor?

pinoy mens underwear victor basa

Jake Cuenca Underwear and Shirtless Photo. How hot is he? Hot enough that I’m bringing him back. Deena, my housemate and good friend has such a big crush on this guy. Can’t say we blame her :-)

pinoy mens underwear jake cuenca

Marco Alcaraz is a Hot Merman. This is for those of you looking for shirtless pics of Marco Alcaraz from the television show Dyesebel.

pinoy mens underwear models marco alcaraz

Alvin Alfonso’s Skimpy Briefs. Alvin Alfonso is reportedly one of the more sought after male Filipino models. He’s a cutie, no? Love the skimpy briefs but his make-up artist for this Generation Pink photo should be fired for making him look like a skanky guy. It is sooo not appealing at all. Seriously.

Boxers and Briefs for Luis Alandy. Obviously actor/male model Luis Alandy is both a boxers and briefs guy. He looks good in them too. But we like his tighty-whities the best.

pinoy male underwear model luis alandy

Alec Van Dierendonck: Dutch Filipino Hunk. This Pinoy-Dutch mestizo is our secret boyfriend. In our dreams. He’s totally shaggable, no? And he’s got pretty cool long hair too.

pinoy male underwear model alec van dierendonck

Brent Javier’s Black Undies. Here’s a really nice photo of underwear model/Pinoy celebrity Brent Javier. Can we describe him as “statuesque”? He does look like a statue in this picture. Any idea on the brand he is modeling? Nice, classy black briefs you’ve got there man! Anyhoo, could it be true that this guy is into guys? Is he really the boyfriend (should we say boytoy?) of that slimy and silly Tim Yap. Poor Brent. [Update: Sorry, we had to delete the photo because it was too raunchy.]

Emilio Garcia: Underwear and Speedo Photos. Emilio Garcia is one of the hottest guy in the 1990s starring in what was then called “TF” films or titillating films. However, he has graduated from adult-oriented roles and has proven himself to be a very fine actor.

pinoy male underwear model emilio garcia

Marvin Raymundo is Manhunt’s Mr. Personality. Last 2008, Marvin represented the Philippines in the male beauty pageant, Manhunt International. He didn’t bag the title but he brought home the “Mr. Personality” award. That’s certainly an achievement. Oh, isn’t he the kind of guy you’d bring home to mama?

pinoy men's underwear model marvin raymundo

The Controversial Paolo Serrano’s Camouflage Underwear. Our last guy, Paolo Serrano, is controversial because his ex-boyfriend (yup, ex-boyfriend) claims that Paolo is abusive. We don’t know if its true, but that’s what came out in the tabloids.

Who of these Pinoy Mens Underwear Models is your favorite?

Ten Pinoy Male Underwear Models: Briefs and Boxers Photos. Posted 15 April 2011. Last updated: February 29, 2020 at 4:06 am.