Ruffa Gutierrez: C-List Pinay Celebrity

Ruffa Gutierrez C-List Celebrity. Are you, like me, wondering why Ruffa Guttierez seems to be famous? You know, she’s always in the news. She’s always on TV with that pretentious faux-American something accent of hers. And ABS-CBN took her pa as host to replace Kris Aquino in The Buzz. Goodness gracious!

Anyway, since one of the purposes of this blog is to rate the famousness of Filipinos (a people who are easily razzle-dazzled by celebrities) I decided to honor Ruffa by making her the first-ever celebrity to be rated by this blog.

Kris Aquino A-List Celebrity Rating: How Famous Is She?

kris aquino a-list celebrity

Fan Base: Kris is the kind of celebrity that people either love or hate. Fortunately for her, I think there’s a much bigger number of Kris lovers than there are Kris haters. Also, Kris’ fans appear to be quite supportive of her. You need proof? Her album turned platinum despite the fact that she can’t even sing.