Philip Olivier Underwear Workout: Boxers or Briefs?

Philip Olivier Underwear Workout: Boxers or Briefs? What’s Philip Olivier’s underwear type? Boxers or briefs? It looks like he’s more of a briefs underwear guy, no? And it ain’t just briefs that he likes. He really likes ’em tight briefs like the Dsquared Underwear he’s wearing below.

philip olivier underwear workout

Underwear Workout. Is it okay to workout in your underwear? If so, what is the appropriate underwear workout choice? Well, we have no problem with guys working out in their undies provided they are doing their routines in the privacy of their homes which is obvious what Philip is doing in the photos below.

philip olivier underwear workout

Obviously, it is frowned upon to workout in public gyms in your undies. It should be against gym rules too.

workout underwear philip olivier attitude

Is Philip Olivier Gay? Ahh, the gay question we usually ask about the male celebrities we fancy. We don’t know if he is gay but we can say with certainty that he is 100% gay-friendly. To quote wikipedia: “He is popular with gay audiences, hosting Mr Gay UK in 2005 and appearing on-stage at several Gay Pride events. Philip appeared nude in the December 2008 and the April 2009 editions of gay magazine Attitude.”

philip olivier underwear hot

Philip Olivier girlfriend. He has a girlfriend named Louise who, to use Philip’s own words, “does not like being in the public eye”. Philip and his girlfriend were invited to join Celebrity Wife Swap but they turned it down. Here’s what Philip said about the matter: “My girlfriend Louise wasn’t happy about that. She doesn’t like being in the public eye and doesn’t like the attention I get – she doesn’t get paid for it.”

2019 Relationship Update: We are updating this post to note that Philip is in a relationship with Amy Virtue. The couple have three kids together. Amy, Philip, and a friend making angry faces to the camera (courtesy of virtue_amy):

philip olivier amy virtue wife girlfriend

He is a fan of Stevie Wonder. In an interview with, he revealed that he likes singing along to Stevie’s songs. You’ve got good musical taste, Mr. Olivier.

How tall is Philip? IMDB lists his height as 5′ 8″ (1.73 m). That means he is an inch taller than Tom Cruise who, according to our silly speculation, is only 5’7″.

philip olivier underwear attitude2

Philip Olivier bubble butt? This is one of your Google search words with the question mark included. Of course he does have a bum that you should envy. Maybe this asset is one of the many reasons why he is popular with the gheys.

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