Philip Fusco Male Model in Underwear and Leather

Philip Fusco Male Model in Underwear and Leather. So you want more of Philip Fusco, the 21-year old, New York model? Of course you do, like us Famewatchers, you can’t get enough of this gorgeous, gorgeous hunk. As our friend Deena would say, “He is da man”.

Is this the sexiest and tighest white underwear you’ve ever seen on a guy?

American Hunk: Philip Fusco, Male Model
03 February 2009

Hmmm, bulging biceps. Looks like Philip Fusco spent some time in the gym to get them muscles. Philip is a 21-year-old New Yorker who works as a freelance model. He looks so sweet and innocent, no? Damn, you have to get rid of your impure thoughts when you’re looking at his photos. Hehe.

philip fusco male model in underwear

philip fusco shirtless

You can check out his very own blog here.

Philip Fusco Male Model in Leather
UPDATE: 11 May 2011

We are updating this post to give you dear readers what you are looking for which we discover through your Google keywords. So here’s what some of you are looking for:

Philip Fusco in Leather
Obviously some of Philip’s fans are also leather fans so we’re not surprised if some of our visitors are searching for leather pics of our gorgeous American hunk. Well, here are some photos we found via the internets.

Philip wearing a black leather jacket.

philip fusco male model in leather jacket

Okay, the picture above is, admittedly, more of a face pic rather than a fashion pic so here’s a glamor shot of Philip shirtless in a studded leather vest which will make you go, “Wowza”. Photo courtesy of Beautiful Mag. Want some designer leather underwear for men?

philip fusco leather underwear

Wowza, indeed! Now, we’re not 100% sure if the guy in leather pants below is our Philip but we think its him. We also think that he needs someone to either zip up or unzip them leather trousers. Any volunteers?

Now, another common key phrase for those who are fans of this guy is, “Philip Fusco gay?”. Well, we don’t know the answer but you are free to imagine that he is with the aid of this picture.

What would you give to be that chair he’s sitting on?

Philip Fusco Male Model in Underwear and Leather. Posted 1 March 2009. Updated 11 May 2011.